Iron Men film

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Re: Iron Men film

Post by Whiskyman »

Haven't seen the film, and if the dwarf had anything to do with the production I won't bother watching it.

But I don't get why people are obsessing about other businesses tbh, Isn't it up to them to react to changing circumstances ?
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Re: Iron Men film

Post by jameskel »

Are there any les off's in it?
Taans can fuck right off

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Re: Iron Men film

Post by BlackDiamond »

This is another of those dreary productions made by naff chavs. Beyond contempt

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Re: Iron Men film

Post by Brookbonds73 »

They're bringing out a new one for this year.
It's called " Shit men"
In it you can see how we went down and the three wankers that took us there.
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Re: Iron Men film

Post by Newmarket »

Dunno if this has been posted before as it seems familiar ... -sufferer/
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