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Post by Shortshanks »

Life cut short. Great player

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Dwayne Pipes
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Maradona dead

Post by Dwayne Pipes »

Diego Maradona dies aged 60

Possibly the greatest player ever


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Re: Maradona

Post by Noni »

Shortshanks wrote: Wed Nov 25, 2020 4:50 pm Life cut short. Great player
It was probably the cocaine he was addicted to.

He was banned from major football for testing positive.

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Re: Maradona

Post by terrya1965 »

World Class players influence Football matches and win the top prizes...He won them on hIs own.

Flawed Genius and the Greatest Player EVER.

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Re: Maradona

Post by Newmarket »

Cheat .
Bring back Jonathon !

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Re: Maradona

Post by Brookbonds73 »

David Kelly
All unique in their own way.
Love a cup of Rosey I do.

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Re: Maradona

Post by deanox »

I remember being down my local watching the Argie bargie England game when he scored the hand of god goal!!
I was eating a hamburger at the time when he punched the ball over Shilton I threw my burger at the TV, which was over the door right at the same time some one was walking in. He got covered in lettuce, tomato sauce and a verbal attack that would shock a back street hooker.

In saying that he scored a great goal in the same game even if we should of hacked him down on the half way line.

There's an old saying I like "we're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time" and he certainly did that RIP Maradona.
"If my auntie had bollox she'd be my uncle"

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Re: Maradona

Post by ToneLoc »

A fucking cheat when cheating was still taboo and not mainstream over here.

BUT...... the best player i've seen in my lifetime.
A great and iconic sportsman regardless of what I myself or anyone thinks of his levels of sportsmanship.

I'll raise a glass to him tonight.
Salut Diego.
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He's got another name....

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Re: Maradona

Post by palerider »

I'm shocked but not surprised.

She went downhill quickly after Material Girl.
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Re: Maradona

Post by mkhammer »

Great Player no doubt....funny how we've been talkin bout cheating..should you do it...I said if it meant winning the
top prize for your country,maybe it is..understandable,if not right.So much as I hate the little fucker for it...I get it.

Think Messi is as good if not better..for that sort of game.

Also reckon we should say worlds greatest Forward ....Cruff still maybe the Worlds Best,Cos he was a complete Footballer.
All well and good, head down running beating players...looks great,but the best players can do that plus have a
passing game,with vision, etc...Cruff could do so much more than he could.

Theres a few I'd put ahead of him..when it comes to Worlds Greatest Player..

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