And so.....the end is near

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And so.....the end is near

Post by palerider » Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:25 pm

And then we face the final curtain.

In just over a month the season ends. With a bang or with a whisper. I suspect the latter but I'm a tad more positive than I was this time last year when we still needed a point or two to be safe.

Pellegrini has had many injuries to deal with, the Arnautovic affair and a cunt of an owner, who, although he put his stunted arm in his ridiculously deep pocket for once last Summer, is still a cunt. The likelihood of him repeating the exercise is far less than Diane Abbott winning Miss World.

Silly season in the papers started weeks ago. And no doubt many boozed-up hacks will put two and two together and make 27. Rare sightings of Edin Dzeko at an airport somewhere in Italy will create a further flurry of rumours. Before we've signed anyone at least 30 will be on the point of joining.

But strangely, for all the trials and tribulations, I've enjoyed this campaign more than any since the coming of the fat frog. At times some joined-up thinking, a bit of cohesion in our play with no little skill thrown in on occasions except of course when we've not been up against teams for whom our 'war-chest' is what they'd spend on agents' fees.

I spent December with a permanent semi and not just because of the horny bint who's moved in next door. It was a fucking job climbing over the fence to get to her washing-line at my age I can tell you.

None of us have a clue who'll arrive at the ILS in the Summer (with it's warp-speed transport links) and we all hope the dwarf fucker doesn't flog Rice for the first offer of over £50 and with an overweight Portuguese has-been thrown in. I hope our 'transfer-team' can identify a few more Balbuena-types who won't cause the tiny turd some financial pant-shitting.

But I wouldn't want the stress of Champions League qualification anyway. My DNA is hard-wired to accepting our beatings to the top 6 but with the over-bridled joy I get on the odd occasion we turn one over.

Spuds and their new gaff ? Fuck'em.

I've lived a life that's full supporting West Ham.
I've travelled each and every highway.......and to Tranmere.
And more...much more than this.

I did it sideways.
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by mkhammer » Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:27 pm

Me..Not Happy,as big a disappointing season as I can remember,last one this bad was first season at
the Iconic...followed by last year...this aint going well.. :lol:

But seriously, made me realise how far behind the others we are....really thought maybe it was doable,
to get closer and build, but we're way of the pace,I think we rank about in that 12th to 17th spot,
I think that's where we deserve to be,knocking round with Palace,B'mouth,Burnley,Geordies,
thats terrible...without the brilliance of Fabs this year,and Udders and fulham being totally
rubbish,we'd be looking over our shoulders still..

I read somewhere if we fail to make the top 10,be the first time in 30 years we've spent 3
consecutive years outside of it...quick check and thats right..

If we we're at Upton...wouldn't give a shit....well.. be pissed off,but we were what we were,
I don't like losing,would still start season of wanting to win the the League,but I'm also
a realist,prob not gonna happen... :lol:

But the Move Changed everything for me....wanted to leave that behind with all the Memories
and welcome a New West Ham....for the Kids..The Future..
But here we are in an Olympic Stadium 50,000 plus guaranteed more or less every game,
Buying Players for 40 Mill,paying them upwards 100 grand a week,prob the Highest paid manager
in world footie...def up there......excellent transport links... :lol: ...........
And where the fuck are we Same Old Same progression what so ever,on or off the pitch,
I think we're kidding ourselves if we think Pellers improving the footie....I'm not seeing it,
not a touch on some of the stuff Slaven had us playing for a while there,we weren't a one man
team,brilliant as he was...thought Kouyate was exceptional that year and others.

If not for Injuries,would be having,well in fact I am having some doubts about Pellegrini,
been out sussed tactically a lot this year,poor sides like Udders,Cardiff,Brighton are out
playing us and beating us,just not good enough..

Our Owners haven't got a clue about how to run a reasonably good footie club,and they not
learning.....they're in some fantasy league thing FFS...

So I'm not Happy....but I'll still go,and for some perverse reason still look forward to it... :lol:
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Neville Bartos
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by Neville Bartos » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:43 pm

Unlike 17/18 we've seen some promise and been entertained -- at least some of the time.
We started badly, but as expected Pellegrini had us humming by Christmas. And that in spite of the usual plague of injuries.
That head of steam was undoubtedly burst by Arnie though. Instead of inspiring and improving the team his greed and selfishness served to throw a great big spanner in the works. And we've struggled, badly, since his new contract was signed.

There's some hope. A clear out and a level of investment similar to last summer will perhaps see us pushing that 7th place we've flirted with much harder.
We need, at the bare minimum, to add quality in midfield, and ambition and hunger up front.
If we begin next season with Noble still holding down a spot in midfield we will have taken a step backwards.
Bottom line; wallet out again Sully.
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by BillyDWhizz » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:52 pm

Well, I suppose we're better off this time than last. Just about. After 33 games we're 7 pts and 3 places better off than we were last season at the same point, we've conceded 9 goals (50) less and funnily enough have scored exactly the same as last term (41).

It's not been spectacular but certainly there have been shoots of improvement mixed in with the oh so predictable bouts of apathy, inconsistency and downright awfulness. I'm loathe to blame Pelle as he's had to contend with a myriad of injuries and plenty of player fuckwittery - that said, a couple of times he's disappointed with some of his line-ups and tactical decisions and we've ended up looking bloody silly.

Mind you, in his defence I still don't think he knows what his strongest XI actually is yet because he certainly hasn't been able to field it all season. On the whole I'm happy with Pelle and reckon we'll have a better idea of his capabilities next season provided we buy smart in the summer and can actually keep players fit.

All in all, this season has been a massive anti climax and has proved there is still a huge amount of work needed to be done if we are to have even a remote chance of breaking in to the top 8 anytime soon.
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by Newmarket » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:13 pm

Neville ✔️
Bill ✔️

Agree with you both and the pair of you have summed it up perfectly .

It has been better albeit just a bit so I’m not complaining .

It’s simple . The Dwarf backs the manager again this summer and we’ll progress a little bit more .

It’ll be history changing if he does .

Some people are never happy though . MK ? Moysie ain’t coming back mate . Get over it :lol:
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by Gonzo » Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:59 pm

C&H have written a story today which features the turnovers of a few of the clubs.

Unsurprisingly we're nowhere near the top 6 and our closest rivals financially are Everton, Wolves & Leicester.

Anyway, here's the bit that caught my eye . . .

Our real competitors in the top flight now are the likes of Everton, Leicester City and Wolves all of whom are above us in the Premier League table at the moment and there could be a good reason for that!

When looking at net spend on transfers over the past three seasons each one of those clubs has outspent us.

Everton has spent £194m net, Wolves £192m net and Leicester City £172m net compared to West Ham’s £109m net over the same period.

Looking at total revenue over the past three years with Everton and Leicester City compared against West Ham. Leicester City earned £521m with Everton on £482m with West Ham on £501m over the same period. Everton’s revenue last season was £189m which was £14m ahead of West Ham at £175m.

All of which begs the question . . . . why did we move?

That being said we are worse than those clubs and you can add Watford into the mix too. I have resigned myself to the fact that we'll have to continue to fluke mediocrity under the current ownership such is their ineptitude and mismanagement.
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by IronsForever » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:03 pm

At least this season we have had a go at the big teams.
When we lost 50% of the midfield players in Whilshire and Sanchez it was always going to be a struggle. Plus losing Balbuena , Lanzini and Yarmelenko. Another season dogged by injuries to key players. The whole strike force wanting to leave hasn't helped either. All things considered, playing a new system and what not i am content.
Expecting major changes next year which is going to make it an interesting summer for us.
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by Whiskyman » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:28 pm

Last season we got 42 points. So if we pick up a minimum of a single point from our remaining games it will have been a better season. Although not as better as most of us would like.

As for the "why did we move" question. Well we can now accommodate more people to watch which has to be a good thing. So does the fact people have now got a chance of getting home in time for a kip before the fucking sun comes up. But there has to be something wrong with our accounting process, heaven forbid I would suggest some dodgy accounting, if we compare the gate receipts from our seasons at the LS with UP. We should be showing a larger increase in gate receipts. We're not so a trick has been missed somewhere. Or something iffy is happening.

It's all in the official accounts if anyone can be arsed to look.
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by terrya1965 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:38 pm

IronsForever wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:03 pm
At least this season we have had a go at the big teams.
When we lost 50% of the midfield players in Whilshire and Sanchez it was always going to be a struggle. Plus losing Balbuena , Lanzini and Yarmelenko. Another season dogged by injuries to key players. The whole strike force wanting to leave hasn't helped either. All things considered, playing a new system and what not i am content.
Expecting major changes next year which is going to make it an interesting summer for us.
You are right we have no luck with injuries at all and the whole front line at one time or another,wanted to leave the club.Hardly been dealt a decent set of cards this season.

Saying that,I still think we had enough to give the likes of Cardiff,Burnley and Wimbledon a decent game of football.

Question,Does MP thinks we have better players than we actually have or do some of players thinks they are better than they actually are?Sorry,we have lost to some awful teams and not just lost,been played off the park.If that would have happened under the last 3 managers,we would have been doing our pieces.
I am still happy that MP is here,but lets hope,we have less injuries next season and he is given the extra tools to do the job he wants to do.
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Re: And so.....the end is near

Post by Ironworksfc » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:59 pm

If we can't perform better than wolves and Watford, something is still wrong
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