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Re: Phillipy Anderson

Post by Whiskyman » Thu May 16, 2019 5:43 pm

mkhammer wrote:
Thu May 16, 2019 5:14 pm
Whiskyman wrote:
Thu May 16, 2019 2:05 pm

Players are only worth what someone is prepared to pay. No more, no less. Ability, age, length of contract remaining are all factors but if someone wants a player badly enough they'll pay for him. We shouldn't be pressured into letting people go for cut prices and I'm hopeful Husillos is clued up enough to know what players elsewhere are changing hands for.

And we need to replace with better. Which includes better value for money imo. Hopefully the days of the Twitchy scattergun approach to transfers are over.
Seems the prob with us at the moment...quite often is with us,we seem to be always in a situation
of being dictated to by the buyers or the the moment sides know we have to get rid to get
in...we've got stock nobody really wants,but at the right price...maybe...
Like the Market trader flogging Apples/Bananas or whatever...starts of full price £2 a pound,
end of the day..and he really needs to shift them,make room for tomorrows stock,he's at £1 a pound
and people are buying apples that maybe didn't really want cos they're cheap.
Be interesting see what we get for Obi,Byram,Chico,and others...prob all still be here next year.. :lol:

Our business mantra is ...Buy High...Sell Low... :lol: Always has been....if there's any people
in the footie world that know all about that basic business stuff,it's our owners...
Just goes to show what crap their Football Knowledge of Players is...

But they/we...Nah THEY... ;) made a Million a month on the french bloke...and everyone
says it was a bad deal and we lost out....Spuds had done that ,everyone goes what a brilliant
piece of business that was.

But your right things are swinging round....reckon we could sell all last years incoming, that played
that is, at a profit...first time I've known that happen.
The key word is "better". To use one of your valuations. Let's value Obiang at £10 million and imagine that's the price we ask for him. Now let's assume Danny Drinkwater comes on the market at £15 million. In my book that would be tantamount to throwing £5 million away , assuming both prices were met, and not improving the squad one iota. On the other hand if Victor Camarasa could be secured for £15 million that would represent an improvement. Under those circumstances to free up funds it might be considered prudent to reduce the Obiang rate to move him on.

If that makes sense. ;)
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Re: Phillipy Anderson

Post by IronsForever » Thu May 16, 2019 8:18 pm

mkhammer wrote:
Thu May 16, 2019 11:02 am
Make the most of Anderson next year,he'll be gone next one I reckon...Top Euro Sides will be in for
him,can't see us doing enough to keep him...same goes for Issa,another mid table jaunt,they'll be off.
Declan keeps his England place,will hang around for another 2 years reckon...but again,mid table,
he's gone...
Why it's important get into Euro competitions,to hopefully keep these guys,and attract quality
players in if they still want to leave.

Pellers said it...we're still a selling club,wrong attitude in my opinion,we need to be moving away
from that..Players will leave thats fact...but don't pre-empt it,buy saying everyones got a price.

Ref Anderson...I seriously wonder what games people are watching when they say,he's not up to
it..lazy..not interested...
He took a corner Sat...Watford broke away from it....who was the guy sprinted past every other
West Ham player to make a goal saving tackle on the edge of our own 6yard box.....
Not the only time this year....the guy works as hard as anyone...
It's important to have goals and targets Mk. It's the only way to keep up with other teams and convince the players we want to play European football. Also its a good hook to bring in better players. We could just be like Bournemouth and be content to stay in the league but is that what we expected when we moved to a 60 thousand seater stadium
If Anderson ,Rice Or even Diop goes it will be for very decent money.As long as we replace them with quality there isn,t a problem.
We will know as fans next season whether the twins are aiming to improve us again or whether they will be content to own a team that won,t be fighting another relegation battle.
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