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Re: Real West Ham Fans Group

Post by Newmarket » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:36 pm

Whiskyman wrote:
Newmarket wrote:If Numbers had posted that on a thread re ANY other issue nobody would have batted an eyelid...

I’m glad the Memorial gardens have been brought back up to scratch .
That place means a hell of a lot to a lot of West Ham fans so let’s hope it’s maintained on a regular basis as required .
Bravo Real West Ham Fans Group .

Now get those tight cunts to buy us a decent squad and stadium ..... what he SHOULD have posted . Give the lad a break :)
How severe do you want the break to be boss ? Finger, arm ? Or do you want the legs to go as well ? Or this months de luxe offer. His neck.

And on a more serious note I'm with Jay on this. I personally think all these so called action groups are a complete waste of everyone's time. But at least they are people who are prepared to get off their backsides and take some sort of action to try and get their views across instead of doing what most of us do and take our frustrations out on a fucking keyboard.
Yeah I actually agree with you both . I am though , also of the opinion that , sensitive issues such as the memorial garden aside , if results on the pitch and/or the quality of football were of a higher standard then a lot of these , er lesser , issues that the fans groups are bringing up may mysteriously disappear .
The more mainstream issues , ie squad , managerial matters , transfer dealings etc etc that many blame the board for will continue to get complained about until some sort of explanation is offered up in some shape or form .

I don’t expect it to happen but an explanation as to why the club still appear to lack ambition despite being the 14th richest club in the world would make a lot of it go away .

Why have the club only spent £4m net (according to some sources ) and have to sell before they can buy , allegedly , with that huge tv windfall etc ?

It’s the old aim low get low thing again . About all aspects of the club .
And getting back to the original topic again , why SHOULD the RWHFG have to keep prodding the club to do the decent thing all the time ?

Will they be prodding again in 3 months time ?
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I hate Thrush he’s an irritating Cunt .

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