Are we expecting to much

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Are we expecting to much

Post by Hammerwell2008 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:36 pm

Are we expecting to much from our youngsters who are being thrown in to the team due to our injury crisis ?

I've been hearing a few people saying how our youngsters aint as good as they thought , Now I'm guessing that most of them will still be playing with the under 23s as well as being pick for the first team . so is it fair to judge them on the odd performance they get when called up due to injuries within the first team ?

It wasn't that long ago when most were calling for them to be played instead of many first team regulars , now they are getting a bit of a chance all you hear is '' they were at fault for this '' or '' they aint good enough '' surely we should be giving them a bit of leeway and not put them down and dent their confidence more , yeah they have & will make mistakes but isn't that part of learning ? I remember when BFS played most of em against forest in the cup and everyone was on em for not being good enough and non of them was used again after that .

They are doing well in their league and even won promotion last season with some good performances and we all thought we had a good future team in the making , now all you hear is they aint gunna make it in the prem . Ok most will need to go out on loan in championship and lower leagues but as soon as they go , you just hear people say we shouldn't of loaned them out ....... Now we either loan them out and forget them for a few seasons or we keep them and try to integrate them within the first team , it can't be both ways ......
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