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Re: Merge at your leisure Tim

Post by Brookbonds73 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:26 pm

palerider wrote:
BlackDiamond wrote: If the chum in question were to set off using crutches and a skateboard combo then I imagine,a decent sponsorship per mile could be achieved.

The Sky helicopter could monitor progress and Sky could run an evening competition "where's Pale now ?"

Stalwarts of Soccer Saturday could contribute predictions...unbelievable Jeff
What a great idea.

I'm starting tomorrow. It's 130 miles as the crow flies to the Iconic London Stadium so I should make it in time. If those raghead fuckers can traipse across the continent from Greece then I can achieve that. Even with my drink problem and colostomy bag.

My first stop is Frome. 10.7 miles. Or to be more precise, Homebase in Frome, where I can buy a bottle of brush-cleaner and pass out in my own piss in their car-park before my next leg.

I've told Sky and they are indeed going to cover it. I'm walking for the 'String up that cunt Sullivan Foundation', a worthy cause I think you'll agree. In fact Merson has shown an interest in joining me for the brush-cleaner parts.

I may need new pants at about day 6. I should be near Andover by then. If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated.
That's the spirit my good man, I shall seek you out and ply you with copious amounts of toilet duck and industrial strength bleach.
I too am being sponsored for the set fire to gold foundation which I'm hoping will do very well for all my endeavours.
See you soon my dear compadre.
Once more in to the breach dear friends!
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Love a cup of Rosey I do.

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