Swansea City vs West Ham Official Match Thread

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Re: Swansea City vs West Ham Official Match Thread

Post by Clayton » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:54 am

andyginbrasil wrote:
palerider wrote:My final post on this particular thread.

Ki was given M.O.M. Helped no doubt by some comedy goalkeeping within the first 10 minutes, but outshone any of our clowns. And he was the player we wanted as part of the Ayew transfer.

Which begs the question. Why didn't the dwarf dig his heels in ? Benitez did with Shelvey, not wanting to sell to a relegation rival. I happen to think Ayew is bang average but why give a rival any advantage unless Ki was part of the deal ?

But of course the money my boy.
You are right Ayew is bang average, but he made our lot look like a bunch of cunts today...... :o :o
Dont know what you saw yesterday that made you think Ayew made us look a bunch of cunts , I can only remember one move which is just about all he ever did for us that I can remember , he was no great shakes . Just we were diabolical and thats putting it politely , I didnt see anything in the Swansea team that warranted us getting beat by 3 goals.
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Re: Swansea City vs West Ham Official Match Thread

Post by Rick_Deckard » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:08 am

We have the ball...middle of our half....and this is how it goes...sideways, sidweays, forwards a couple of metres, backwards to where it cam from, sideways, sideways, sideways, backwards and sideways, even more sideways, theyve now pinned us in niceley meter by meter forcing us back and then its back to Adrian..Hooof and wallop out from him to get out of trouble and its possession lost to their defence who invariably win the arial ball...two passes from them and theyve already got us on the back foot....rinse and repeat...oh yeah and interspersed with 4 goals from them...

Still, its not all bad news, we are still chasing Harry Arter..yeah that will make all the difference and Calieri scored the other night , perhaps we should get him back
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