Arsenal Fans Take Note

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Arsenal Fans Take Note

Postby Whiskyman » Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:35 pm

Of the Sevilla fans in Madrid tonight for the final of the Copa del Rey. Although their team was given the mother and father of a hammering, Barca beat them 5-0, they never stopped supporting their team up until the final whistle. I can well imagine if Arsenal, not the only club who comes to mind but with the grief they've given Wenger they probably deserve it most, had been on the receiving end of a result like that their end would have emptied by half time when it was 3-0. Fickle bastards.

So respect to Sevilla's fans for staying and supporting their team to the end, and also for standing, to a man, and clapping Iniesta off the pitch in his last final for Barcelona when he was subbed towards the end.
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