What good things have Sugo done for the club?

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Re: What good things have Sugo done for the club?

Post by hammerwell75 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:41 am

Like it or not , but I'd say saved us from going into melt down after the Icelandics palaver . Neither you or I was in a position to do that, & I'd go as far as saying not a lot of other people on here was either .

The only thing that keeps most of us going is the fact that they will soon sell up , they wont be here forever , yet us fans will be and for many generations after us .

Supporting West Ham has always been a roller coaster ride , both on and off the feild , we have also never had a good board since I can remember . Least these have invested into the team ( ok maybe not as much as we'd like / needed ) but they have broken the clubs transfer record , as well as try to move the club to a better stadium ,I don't blame them for all the problems with the stadium and guess to a degree it's out of their hands . So once again it didn't go as planned but hey ho thats what makes us West Ham .

They seem to be trying to get things right again this season by getting a well respected and proven track record of a manager , again may not be everybodys 1st choice but its their money they are using , so i guess we have to respect their decision and hope for the best for next season . We don't need another season where we sit here causing negativity before its begun or through out . Lets get behind the club as a whole COYIs whufc_crest

BTW , im not a board lover , I just want my club to go forward with or without them , so until someone else comes and buys us out I'm happy that we are still playing in the premier league which imo is the best league in the world .
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Re: What good things have Sugo done for the club?

Post by downunda » Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:44 am

3232 wrote:Name them.....
Gave your lot the shits by not letting them have or share the London Stadium
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Re: What good things have Sugo done for the club?

Post by Jon06WHUFC » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:14 am

They have done plenty wrong, but when they took over from the mess that was before them it was between them and the guy that took over QPR as to who was going to buy the club. I don't think anyone could say QPR are in a better position than us with the way that club has been run.

Hopefully this summer has seen a bit of a change for the better in the way the club is being run, I guess we can decide when the transfer window shuts.
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Re: What good things have Sugo done for the club?

Post by Ron Manager » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:42 am

They built the aqueduct.
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