Is it just me?

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Re: Is it just me?

Post by Hammertime » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:36 pm

Hammershark wrote:
only1salty wrote:I am not a player anymore - I am a fan - I am also a realist.

Players should try and win every game and if you win every game you win the league. That's not breaking news.

Expectations cause the issue - not ambition. One is striving for success the other is expecting it and both have different outcomes when that success is not achieved.

Fans expect their team to win every game and when they don't they get on their backs, ask questions of the players and the manager and cause disharmony at the club.

Realistically if someone said to you, for solid progression, would you take a top half finish and a decent cup run next season - would you take it?

I fucking would.

Then I would want us to progress the following season and better the last, season after season progress as opposed to 1 good season - 3 shit.

The premier League is not a level playing field. We have signed a decent player (when/if fit) on a free - City have just signed Mahrez for 60m and he will struggle to make their 1st team.

Realistic expectations make it more enjoyable when you exceed them - just like England - all I am saying
Bang on Salty,
Next year will be a massive transitional season so nobody should be saying we should be finishing in a certain position.
It’s no good putting more pressure on players that have never played Pelligrinis way before and we have to consider that a lot of our players haven’t even played in the premier league before.
The best thing we can do as supporters this season is just go to the games with a positive attitude and enjoy ourselves watching an attacking brand of football that we are certain to get......and let’s just see what unfolds !
After this season we can evaluate how things are what we need ect and start setting some minimum goals.
Enjoy the ride ......COYI !
Good point Shark, a few players take to the prem like fish to water, but a majority of them take a few weeks/months to adjust to the speed and phuysicality of the prem. Mario was a prime example last year, looked a way different player at the end of the season than he did a few weeks into his loan. Add to this so many new players in one squad, there will be a transitional period and I dont expect us to hit the ground running in what is a brutal first run of fixtures. Just hope we steer clear of the relegation fodder and have a good cup run, then push on next season.
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Re: Is it just me?

Post by Whiskyman » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:06 pm

h69 wrote:
Whiskyman wrote:
6 quality teams ? Not sure that can really be said any more tbh. 4 certainly but in all honesty I can see issues on the horizon with a new stricter disciplinarian style coach in at Arsenal and as for Chelsea it appears that Abramovich has been reading the dwarf's manual on how to run a football club. And will Hazard and Courtois still be there when the season starts ?

Maybe Arsenal and Chelsea will come through smelling of roses but I think next season could be interesting to say the least. Top 4 spoken for of course but everything to play for as far as the Europa League places are concerned imo. And in any case I have always despised the acceptance of second best in all aspects of life, not just sport.

Aim low, achieve low, as someone said on here a while back.
If England win the world cup, I think you may see a watershed at Spurs because they need to start paying big wages or those International players will look at what Walker is earning and what Aldeweireld is likely to earn next season.

As for Chelsea. Everything is done by Granovskaya and it seems they have finally got Serri and are about to sign Jorginho because London is more attractive than Manchester....who knew ?

I am not convinced about Everton now either. They have to sell before they can buy.
Everton ? Their "new wealth" is all smoke and mirrors apparently. Massive club though. Or so I keep hearing. :lol: :lol:
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Re: Is it just me?

Post by Jacko1966 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:56 am

I get what people are saying about expectations and needing to aim high, even though I've said I'd be happy with top 10.
I think that's the minimum we should be targeting.

For me it's more than just league position though. In that last season at The Boleyn, after about half a dozen games, seeing the way we were playing, I genuinely believed we could win every game we played, didn't matter who we were playing.

If the 'new' squad & Manager get me feeling that way again I'll be well happy, and what a difference it'll make to the past two seasons!

If we get Anderson over the line I might even feel optimistic. :D
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