West Ham v Burnley - Official Match Thread

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Re: West Ham v Burnley - Official Match Thread

Post by BlackDiamond » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:31 pm

h69 wrote:
Neville Bartos wrote:
You have to remember that Snodgrass was a direct replacement for Payet. Bilic wasn't looking for a hardworking, industrious central midfield player, he wanted someone who was going to score a few goals and nab half a dozen assists.
It wasn't an obvious case of right tool wrong job, since Bilic didn't need/want anyone in the position Snodgrass is playing now.

I think Bilic's real problem is there was no guidance above him. The dwarf as DoF was a curse a coach like Bilic couldn't overcome. A steadier hand on transfers and general direction and I think Bilic would've been okay.
Maybe but Bilic was a manager who had a team who could not be bothered. A team with an ineffective Arnie and a winger previously played at Full back

He may well not have wanted Snodgrass and wanted a replacement for Payet but if he had been a decent manager, he would have seen what qualities he had and got him working in that midfield and got Arnie firing up ahead of him. A couple of kids in the side like playing Rice regularly (which he never seemed to want to do) and we may have had a fair few more points once confidence flowed and he may not have been fired

I suppose its all in the past but my feelings about Bilic are that he cannot build a cohesive team. He just needs a star player that will lift the others and it is a short term fix.

Lovely guy though
He was and is a lovely guy - when Dimitri Payet left, so did any hope of his
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Re: West Ham v Burnley - Official Match Thread

Post by Whiskyman » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:21 pm

Clayton wrote:Still dont think Snodgrass is with improvements in January 1st team material and would add Wilshire , Antonio and Masuaku not forgetting Noble to that list , Snodgrass has done well of late but just reminds me of a Jack Russell dragging a very heavy chain all tenacity like a dog after a bone but no pace !.
January signings tend not to be improvement signings but panic ones. I am hopeful we should be relatively safe by then and I would like to see Pellegrini give the occasional opportunities to any of the Under 23 squad he feels may have a shot at making it. Powell & Coventry for example were on the bench at Leicester and apparently Holland, rated by many as the one most likely to make it, is now back in training. I'd rather see a few cameos from them than the usual Hugillistas who turn up in January. Then the manager can make a proper assessment and concentrate on bringing in quality in the summer.

Basically agree with you about Snodgrass although he has become a very decent squad player compared to what we saw when he first arrived. But if we are serious about moving onwards and upwards a squad player, and we do need steady squad players, is all he will ever be.
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