The England Football Team - a new low! Poll

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Should Rooney Captain England vs USA in November

Poll ended at Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:32 am

No - it devalues the shirt and the team
No - he shouldn't be anywhere near and England squad now as there are so many better options
Yes - let him lead us out, he deserves the gesture
No - but let him come on as a sub as a final cameo
No - sack whoever in the FA who came up with the idea or sanctioned it
None - couldn't care less what England do
Total votes: 31

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Re: The England Football Team - a new low! Poll

Post by h69 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:05 am

I would be more pissed off with this : ... psv-defeat" onclick=";return false;
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Re: The England Football Team - a new low! Poll

Post by terrya1965 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:20 am

h69 wrote:
terrya1965 wrote:
Probably the first time we have disagreed on anything football wise h tbh.We have similar views,so I am quite surprised by this comment.

I don`t care whose idea it was,it`s unconventional,unprofessional and against the grain of normality.Whose ever idea it was needs to be crucified.

Next year we will be having a friendly,giving the highest bidder a game.Bloody idiotic FA.Just nonsense IMO.
Sorry h,this subject really winds me up.
Crucify someone for organising a charity match before Christmas.....Ok Terry !

I would agree with you if it was a commercial operation for the FA...a bit like, oh wait, every other friendly ever played that noone seems to care about
But in this case it is a game played for charity. I have no issue with it. If the money does not get to his foundation, I will be the first to get angry but any charity work should be applauded and while I am no fan of the great balding scouser, I do believe that Rooney has given a lot to charity and I applaud that.

Were you offended by the poppy on the pitch last Saturday ? Did it get in the way of your prematch buildup ?

Shame on charity to get in the way of tradition. As for the Daily Mail, its the Daily Mail.
I am not against Charities at all H.

I am against the idea of a former England captain coming out of retirement to play a single game for his country in an Official Friendly.That`s what stinks.

Like I said,he could arrange an unofficial game at the end of the season for charity at Wembley,I haven`t a problem with that at all.
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