West Ham v Liverpool - Official Match Thread

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Re: West Ham v Liverpool - Official Match Thread

Post by Newmarket » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:16 pm

redhammer wrote:
Newmarket wrote:
Porterman wrote:Don't blame other clubs BD cos our lot are stupid enough to fall for it mate .
Now the summer BEFORE last when Ayew was available on a free would of been good business but no , we were too tight to pay the wages , but THIS summer , we spend £20m on him when we didn't need him ffs .

A striker he ain't .[/quote

So was he somebody you would have signed " the summer before

When we needed a winger and he cost fuck all YES .
However we may be able to use him now , on the left , if Payet is played in the no.10 position which suits him .
Then we may see the return of their successful Marseille partnership ....

Having no transfer fee doesn't mean he cost 'fuck all', his bonus for signing for Swansea was an eye watering amount.

Stop splitting hairs you manky Scots git you know what I meant :lol:
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I hate Thrush he’s an irritating Cunt .

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Re: West Ham v Liverpool - Official Match Thread

Post by Mikeveep » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:16 pm

If you are a blog follower..this guy Head Hammer Shark is the nuts.

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