Bournemouth Match Thread (Streams in first post)

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Re: Bournemouth Match Thread (Streams in first post)

Post by Porterman » Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:53 pm

Have to say hand on heart I thought he was awful.....except for a couple of decent bits of play in the latter stages.

My initial thoughts are a) he doesnt get about the pitch and covers very little ground and b) he looked very uncomfotable with the ball at his feet!!


1) Its very early in his career with us (and although I believe really good players settle straight away) and he deserves a chance to "bed in".

2) It was by far and away the best games I have seen Noble and Kouyate play in a long time (especially as a lot of you know Im no Noble fan).

I thought Kouyate broke forward very well and looked awesome when he was doing so and I also believe Noble hit more forward quicker passes than he usually does.

Of course "the whole performance" wsant any great spectacle but when we get Lanzini,Payet and maybe Foughili ahead of it all maybe (just maybe) it will turn into a well oiled machine with Nordveit sitting deep?!
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Re: Bournemouth Match Thread (Streams in first post)

Post by Mikeveep » Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:01 pm

I think from what I have seen, Nordveld cannot get into our dream midfield four of Payet and Lanzini supported by Noble and Kayoute sharing the DM role,the latter two covering for the others forward bursts ( I say "bursts" meaning" forward movement" before Porter is apoplectic about the idea of Mark Noble showing a " sudden increase of effort" (Collins)
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Re: Bournemouth Match Thread (Streams in first post)

Post by JayK » Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:26 pm

For what it's worth, I thought Nordveit was pretty poor. His 1st touch saw him hoof it into nowhere when not really under pressure, he cleared for a corner when no need to and was found either too deep when we were attacking or too far forward when we were defending (at times). He's supposed to protect the back four but he was a spectator too far forward watching Bournemouth attack the CB's. I'll judge him game by game like the rest and won't turn on him after seeing him in just 1 real match I've seen him in. Also we got caught ball watching at one point which gave us a scare. Ginge made his point known at the time too.
Going forward, the only bit of movement I saw when noble was trying to pick a pass was Antonio moving about. Not many other options for Noble otherwise. Going forward, Bilic likes pace but what I saw in the 1st half was very slow attacks and back passing which gave Bournemouth time to get back. I also worry that we dropped deeper and deeper in the dying minutes when we should've had control of the game against a poor Bournemouth team down to 10 men.
Just my opinion on the negatives.

Adrian made a good save at the end. Masuaku played better than I was expecting. Before the goal he was my man of the match.

Did anyone else see Ginge try to hurry up the Bournemouth lad being subbed? I did enjoy that bit :-)
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Re: Bournemouth Match Thread (Streams in first post)

Post by H4L » Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:11 am

I agree in regard to Nordvet. What I have seen so far he is poor. He needs to take a touch and find a West Ham player! I'd much rather Obiang or Noble back in there. I'd even rather Oxford fill in as the big can play.
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Re: West Ham vs Bournemouth Match Thread

Post by Ronaldo » Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:13 am

Ibbyham wrote:My main worries is that Bilic may put Antonio as RB but he has learnt his lesson from Chelsea game and all the players in the training pitch urging him NOT to put Antonio as RB. Hopefully he will shut up and put Byram, if not, Burke. Byram is now ready to do his business and prove his worth.

Btw Tony Cottee mention in Skysports that he urging West Ham to buy a Right Back (we have been waiting for) before the transfer market closed but dis-agree to buy another striker as Calleiri, Fletcher, Carroll and Sakho when he fit should be enough. IF Valencia transferred to another club before the market closed, then we can buy another striker.
yes correct I agree with you...
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