Corbyn --No Poppy on 11thNov

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Re: Corbyn --No Poppy on 11thNov

Postby Raven » Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:12 am

palerider wrote:I pray that he doesn't. Because it would mean he's betrayed his principles in a lust for power. And a man like that cannot be trusted.

If Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister, the country would be in it's gravest threat since the Cuban missile crisis, possibly the 2nd World War.

No fear of that ever happening....despite his teenage twenty something love ironic

If you care to observe, you will see my previous postings my deep concerns about this wizened old hack ever taking hold of the reins of power.

If 'Momentum' continues to gain much of that momentum we are all doomed....doomed I say!
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Re: Corbyn --No Poppy on 11thNov

Postby BillyDWhizz » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:03 pm

As I've said before I'm no fan of Corbyn but let's face the facts, this country is going to Hell in a handcart under this Tory regime.

We've no military to speak of, if a foreign power were to attack us tomorrow we're basically defenceless - that's not speculation either that's a cold hard fact. Our armed forces have been cut to the bone year after year. You could fit the entire regular British Army in to Wembley stadium and still have thousands of seats left over. The Navy hasn't got any sailors to staff the shiny new white elephant aircraft carriers and the RAF has half of it's Typhoons mothballed already, all due to spending cuts.

Crime is up 13% overall, violent crime up 18% with a 20% rise in gun and knife crime. I'm sure it's purely coincidental that crime rises with police cuts! The NHS is a shambles - pray you don't have to use it anytime soon. Wages haven't grown in 13 years. We've had 7 years of austerity aimed at "reducing the national debt" and the party that claims to be the party of "Economic competence" has used austerity policies to devastate communities across the country but have somehow cleverly managed to double the national debt from £849 Billion in 2010 to £1,722 Billion in 2017. Only Greece has suffered a bigger fall in real term wages than the UK. The Tories answer? MORE austerity! Yay!..It's obviously working so well! In reality, austerity was never about reducing the national debt, but permanently shrinking the state to fund tax-cuts for the wealthiest. A recent study claims that 120,000 people have died directly as a result of austerity. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND! We've gone to war and deposed despots in the past for less, but somehow these despots seem untouchable!

The haven't got a single clue between them on how to go about Brexit and as usual it'll be the ordinary Joe that ends up paying for their incompetence. The pound is in the toilet, house prices are falling faster than Huddersfield in the table, interest rates are going up so your mortgage payments are increasing on a house that's worth less. The disabled are being targeted in a social cleansing project the Nazis would have been proud of, people are dying of fucking scurvy and malnutrition...In the UK..In two-thousand-and-fucking-seventeen for fucks sake! Perhaps Ethiopia will have a band aid type event for us soon.

Still it's alright, the Tories are still able to find the money to send to all manner of foreign despots, dictators and sketchy wankers. They can still find the money to go ahead with things like the HS2 project that will benefit...ummm? People who hold shares in the construction companies perhaps?

Labours economic manifesto may well be fiscal fantasy but the Tories in that case is certainly cloud cuckoo land.

I can't wait for that complete prick Hammonds budget on Wednesday just to see who he's fucking over again this time. I'll make a small bet it won't be the elites.

Still, keep on convincing yourselves that the Tories are doing a good job and that tottering Theresa is a bang up leader with the best intentions for everyone at heart.

This rant isn't meant to be a public information bulletin on the benefits of a Labour vote, its about the fallacious belief in a Tory one.
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Re: Corbyn --No Poppy on 11thNov

Postby Mikeveep » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:20 pm

Thanks for taking the time to post that, billy...hard to argue with

Except we've all been waiting for house prices to peak,haven't we?
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Re: Corbyn --No Poppy on 11thNov

Postby Raven » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:02 pm

BillyDWhizz wrote:Ahh the Telegraph at it's Eton cock sucking best from 2015.

I'm no fan of Corbyn but I know a smear campaign when I see one. Take a few things he's said and done out of context - spin it to make him seem sympathetic to terror organisations (whilst quietly burying the fact that Thatcher for example was friends with some of the worlds worst - you know, people like Pinochet for one) and voila! Instant demonisation.

Never mind eh, let's all ignore the fact that the Tories are lying in bed, nay FUNDING a known terror organisation in the DUP, let's ignore the fact that we're so far up Saudia Arabia's arse we can almost smell the flesh of the Yemeni people being incinerated by British weapons, which conveniently leads us to ignore the fact that the causes of the Manchester atrocity are being suppressed by the Government in order to protect their own foreign policy...

As I said, I'm no fan of Corbyn but he's certainly no worse than the absolute wasters we've currently inherited.

Pale said: " the country would be in it's gravest threat since the Cuban missile crisis, possibly the 2nd World War." I got news for ya mate...The country is already facing it's gravest threat since the missile crisis & WW2. These clueless wankers will take the country down with them and that's not Labour-centric rhetoric, that's the plain and simple truth.

As for Corbyn wearing a Poppy? I'm ex military and I don't care. If he want's he can, if he doesn't that's alright as well. At least he has the choice.

Nah, you have got this totally wrong.

Corbyn would render this country defenceless within 2 years. I destest his awful sense of dress....he is no statesman.... in fact he is a tramp. My grandad, rest his soul at least had the decency to dress smart once in a while.

Corbyn is a fucking tramp and will always be a sense of embarrassment should he ever dare tread towards the Premiership of this country.

He should be cautious of courting the the silly pathetic day they will figure out between the two brain cells that they can collectively amass, that Corbyn is a big mouth who will never deliver his so called promises whilst in opposition. Unaffordable, unrealistic claptrap bollocks.

I reckon he has an unhealthy smell of stale piss when he sits too close to the fire.:)
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