Hammers Social Club, Castle Street

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Re: Hammers Social Club, Castle Street

Postby whu » Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:30 pm

Newmarket wrote:
whu wrote:
Newmarket wrote:Where is that place then Wayne ? I know the supporters club in Castle st and the East Ham wmc in (is it) Boleyn Rd ( I was a member for years) ?
I don't know of one in Priory Rd ?

mate, i've confused the supporters club (the one they are talking about) with the east ham affiliated wmc, i do apologise

it's not in priory road as you know mate, next road along if you were heading away from the ground, boleyn road, i think you're right


as old 'un says, the clue is in the OP

C- for Woo

You had me going for a minute there mate :) thought I'd missed out on a secret boozer i am genuinely amused

That sea air is getting to ya :i am genuinely amused:

indeed mate

hope you're well boss

signing out

have a good weekend
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