Where is the boat?

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Re: Where is the boat?

Postby Sofa » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:33 pm

1234 wrote:
Sofa wrote:
Gonzo wrote:I would certainly like to be present for this cordial meeting. I know Sofa who is a splendid chap and clearly holds our resident provocateur in high regard.

i do kriss. i have no hatred for anyone these days. i would honestly shake him by the hand and try to have a pleasant chat with him. I'm sure he is a decent bloke really.probably more intelligent than me (not hard really) but I'm sure id keep him entertained with my charm and wit. :D

I am a normal bloke and pr9bavly no more intelligent than you.

What you should remember is, if you read the threads back, I have hardly been insulting and most of my posts are football related, it is all hype. What is certain is that I have been insulted a thousand times more.

yep i can see that quite clearly. its because you have an uncanny knack of winding people up. maybe deliberately or not i don't know. but you do have a history of being a bit, how shall i put it........antagonistic.
anyway, enjoy the boats if you do go.let your hair down for a change, have a beer ( one or two won't hurt mate).
join in and sing bubbles and try to get behind the team. go on!!! try it. no-one is judging you. its nothing to be ashamed of.

come on kriss it was a tamandur and was very cute.. hahahah
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Re: Where is the boat?

Postby Pennywise » Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:58 pm

1234 wrote:
Pennywise wrote:
1234 wrote:May pop in tomorrow.

:i am genuinely amused: :i am genuinely amused:

£20 bet to charity says you don't.

See you there.
I suppose you will be bringing your kids.

Cancer Research.

:i am genuinely amused: :i am genuinely amused: :i am genuinely amused: :i am genuinely amused: :i am genuinely amused:
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