Saucy Coufal booted out of national squad

Coufal has been sent home from his national team

Coufal booted out of Czech squad

It appears that Vladimir Coufal has been kicked out of the Czech national squad following a night on the sauce.

The West Ham right back was one of three players sent home from the Czech national team after they violated team rules by going out partying ahead of a crucial Euro 2024 qualifier.

Coufal’s teammates Jakub Brabec and Jan Kuchta were also expelled from the squad for “violating national team rules in a fundamental way” after visiting a nightclub in Olomouc on Saturday night. Despite the team’s draw in Poland on Friday, the players were expected to focus on recovery and preparation for Monday night’s home qualifier against Moldova, where a win or draw would secure their spot in the finals.

Coufal has been sent home from his national team following a boozy night out
Coufal booted out of national squad following an rumoured boozy night

However, Czech news outlet iSport reported that the trio, along with Czech football association executive Tomas Neumann, spent the night at the Belmondo nightclub, consuming alcohol. Photographs and videos surfaced, revealing Coufal, Kuchta, and Brabec inside the nightclub during the early hours.

One video on Twitter (or whatever it’s called these days) showed Brabec in a right old state. The defender looked to be absolutely steaming as he was filmed wandering into the road. Fortunately for West Ham, Coufal has plenty of time to sober up before the Burnley game. And of course it could be worse . . . he could be injured.

Czech boys enjoy and unofficial night out

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