Another Opportunity Missed

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Another Opportunity Missed

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If you had to pick a season where a club like West Ham United might stand a chance of challenging for a European spot then you probably couldn’t ask for a better season than this one.

David Moyes has done a truly magnificent job with the players at his disposal. He’s got the Hammers playing like a proper team for the first time since, hmmmm let me see, 15/16? Our last at the Boleyn? That ground we gave up for the London Stadium in what someone once described as “the most successful migration in history”. You remember the place, the one we traded for “a world class team in a world class stadium”. Yeah, of course you do.

And yet, in what is arguably the season to achieve real progress for a club like West Ham United, once again GSB’s running of our club ensures we fall short of our potential.

As yet another transfer window closes, it’s the same old story. Linked with every player under the sun and we finish up with one loan midfielder coming in and our only genuine striker being sold for half what we paid for him. The positions we’ve needed to bolster for years (yes, years) are still not addressed. The question is, why?

Could it be that David Moyes has not identified a single position that needed filling?

Could it be that he did but he couldn’t find any players, anywhere in the world, that could fill them?

I don’t believe either of these to be true.

Could it be that Moyes did identify both the positions and the players but GSB refused to stump up the money? You can put your answers on a great big flag as soon as Covid is over and Hammers United get thousands out on the streets again.

Six months ago Hammers United highlighted the fact that although David Sullivan had publicly announced a £40m transfer budget, we ended up selling Grady Diangana, Jordan Hugill and Albian Ajeti, sending Filipe Anderson out on loan. We signed Vladimir Coufal for £5.4m and Said Benrahma on a loan with an option to buy. We also consolidated the signing of Tomas Soucek. And they were all brilliant signings.

But the business that needed doing, if we were to show any real ambition, was neglected by GSB. Just like it’s being neglected again in this transfer window.

Everyone knows we are only a few players short of another relegation battle and yet ironically, with Moyes outperforming all of his critics, we are only a few players short of becoming a genuine threat to the top four clubs.

We have a manager that has fostered a team spirit the likes of which we haven’t seen for a long time. We have the nucleus of a really good footballing side that can challenge the best. We are on the verge of, dare I say it… going to the next level.

But Moyes and the team need the backing of our owners to stand a chance. And that’s where it will all come to a grinding halt. Because GSB won’t do it. They would have done it by now if they actually had a clue what to do. But they haven’t and they don’t.

You really have to ask yourselves what kind of owners would look at the risk versus reward of the opportunity in front of us right now (especially within the context of every promise they ever made when they convinced us that moving from the Boleyn to the LS was for the best) and choose to do nothing?

There is only one answer: GSB.

There is only one solution: GSB OUT

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