The Boxing Day Hunt

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The Boxing Day Hunt

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My neighbour, Major Reginald Fortescue-Hythe, invited me to the taditional South Somerset hunt yesterday. It's a big event out here and I've got my own jodphurs. Mandatory wear in the country when us toffs visit the almshouses on Christmas Evening to dish out leftovers.

I must admit I was tempted. His daughters (both posh spunkers) always attend and are well known to be up for a good back-scuttle at the post-hunt celebration in the Prince Leopold, especially for newbies but I politely declined despite the added promise of free tipple as I'm an animal lover.

But it raises a moral question. Would the usual woke handwringers be won over next year if we hunted Spuds fans, not foxes ?

Tally Ho !!