Parking on Match Days

Boats, hotel deal & any other bits of information relating to your West Ham Utd match day!!
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Parking on Match Days

Post by pingpong91 »


Wondering how many people drive to Stratford on Match Days? With the current flu stuff doing the rounds I was considering driving up on match days but not sure how difficult it might be.

The main concern is parking, anyone had any experience with it?

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Re: Parking on Match Days

Post by Mikeveep »

I believe you can book in advance at Stratford Int.

Never experienced it I always park at Snaresbrook Central line 10 mins from Stratford Only £3.on a Sat..But does get a bit packed so might not meet yr objectives.

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Re: Parking on Match Days

Post by JayK »

When I’ve driven I’ve always parked in Westfield. £6.50 but never had an issue getting a space. Car park A is closest end for the ground. It’s a bit of a pig getting out though.

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Re: Parking on Match Days

Post by palerider »

On match days I park in my driveway.
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Re: Parking on Match Days

Post by Newmarket »

palerider wrote: Mon Feb 15, 2021 4:11 pm On match days I park in my driveway.
I park my arse on the sofa ... unless I’m at work.

Works for me.
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