I don’t really care who our new manager is, only once have I seen a manager that has wanted to play the way I want to see and the board didn’t back him 100% in the transfer market and then sacked him when he failed. Bilic was also the only manager I’ve seen who had any real connection with the club and when it worked it was perfect. But that’s over with and we are now stuck with one owner publically backing a man who brought us some of the most negative, boring football I have seen us play. At least with BFS we knew we were supposed to be defensively solid and even with poor players his system usually seemed to work. Yet under Moyes we were defensive but still let goals in left right and centre.


What I do care about is what the board do with the new manager. Whoever they employ, if they don’t change the way they support a manager they will fail and it will be a matter of time until we go down. I am impressed by the names being touted for the job (with Moyes the exception) but whoever they bring in I will support but they must buy the players to fit how the manager wants us to play. There is no point interviewing and listening to how the chosen man sees us playing with the type of player he needs to buy, who to keep who to sell, only to not give him the players required and then say well we tried and we did bid look we’ve got emails to prove it and they lied and we was going to pay but then we didn’t have time for a medical BECAUSE I AM SICK TO THE BACK TEETH OF BEING LIED TO!!


I can accept coming up short if the effort is genuine, but with all positive promises it appears as though they make nothing other than a token effort. Mr Gold, Mr Sullivan, I am firmly against your ownership of our club. I was genuinely embarrassed to be a West ham fan at one point this season and this is down to you both. I might not like the players we have sometimes but I will always support them. I am not coming to the London Stadium because I am happy. It is because I need to, Ive had my season ticket for 16 seasons and I still get just as excited to watch us play as I did for my first game.


But all football fans are fickle and it is possible for you to turn this around and get the majority of the fan base back on side in time, not all because some won’t forget what you have already done to us. But if the promises made were actually realised then you could win people round. Personally I thought the Champions League being a goal was unrealistic but you said it DS and there are people that believed it. Instead we have been on the brink of relegation twice in 2 seasons since moving.


Get the right manager, just getting a manager that many of us don’t believe you will because of the wages and transfer budget they will require will be a step in the right direction. But then backing him every transfer window and letting him just get on with rebuilding our club, starting with what happens on the pitch might just show that you have the interests of the club at heart and not the interests of your pocket. If this doesn’t happen I can assure you that if you thought Burnley was a bad game, you haven’t seen anything yet!!

Written By Jack | @myWHUopinion

Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

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