I remember very clearly how pissed off I was when ex tweeted it was expected that Moyes was due to become manager, I was in the car on my way home from a match when I first saw it and I distinctly remember the words that came out of my mouth. FFS. That was it, no more no less. Internally I couldn’t understand where things had gone wrong. It didn’t seem all that long ago that the season was coming to a close and if results went our way we could have finished top 6. We should have finished top 6. I thought the move to would give us just a little boost, maybe attract 1 or 2 we couldn’t at the Boleyn.


And now barely 18 months later we were likely to have David Moyes in charge, until the end of the season at least. A man who failed in his last 3 jobs. But once I had calmed down and tried to look at it a bit more positively I had some hope. I couldn’t help but respect the job he did at Everton, especially qualifying for the champion’s league. It’s not like they were chucking the money about in those days the team was largely nothing to shout about in terms of the individuals they had. Man U was a poisoned chalice with an ageing squad, he was never going to live up to Fergie and bigger names have failed to do so since, I would include Jose in that so far. Sunderland was just shit anyway he done the league a favour in removing them. His stint in Spain I actually knew little about and it didn’t last too long at all so I couldn’t judge him on that.


Then it was announced and the amount of people claiming they wouldn’t attend because of the manager appointed surprised me. I don’t go to support the manager or the board. I support the club and by default the players. But I will support the manager on the day and if he deserves criticism so be it. But generally I think Moyes has got it right. I hate the system I want to see more attackers on the pitch, the way we played in the last season at the Boleyn is my ideal system. But largely we haven’t had the players for that and we needed to stop conceding first and foremost.


He has turned Arnoutovic in to something almost mythical, I believe that if that is how he will now be used he can be our “20 goal a season” striker. Generally since Moyes come in he has simply had everything. Work rate, pace, power, passion, composure, controlled aggression (unless you ask Mark Hughes) , flair, finishing and generally he has been a delight to watch. When we have got the right players in fit in Arnie, Lanzini, Mario, Arthur. The football is enjoyable to watch, we can play the way we want to.  But if he doesn’t have the players capable on the pitch it won’t look as pretty but there is still a job to be done and that is the way Moyes sees to see it in my opinion. Granted I would rather see Chicharito used much more, it might have been chalked off (wrongfully) but he showed how clinical he is against Stoke.


Don’t forget once Moyes had a bit of time with the squad, got the players used to the system and with a bit more confidence, we were in the top half. At one point we were dead and buried and the season was over. But Moyes got us in the top half from a very perilous situation and he deserves credit for that. A few injuries and a suspension hit our form big time and this has only picked up again recently, coincidently when most of the players I mentioned previously were available.


I was dead against Moyes but he was appointed so I had to give him a chance and fair play to him, he knew he was coming to an unsettled club. It got worse at times but he is still here and he has done a decent job if you ask me. He is similar to Slav in the way that he takes the responsibility if it doesn’t go right, he doesn’t shift blame to player, officials, ball boys or the bloke out the front selling half and half scarfs like some we’ve had in charge. I can’t help but admire that whatever the result.


After the way we are run has been exposed publically I cant see us getting the top manager some people seem to think we can attract. I think the least Moyes deserves is another season to actually have a go with this team. The margins are fine in the premier league and a few key players and some luck with injuries for next season and I think we could easily get a comfortable top half finish.


By Jack | @myWHUopinion

Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

2 thought on “Give him another season ?”
  1. Yes,pretty much as I see it too.
    I think they will give Moyes a further contact but I can’t help think it’s not the positive approach the club needs.

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