RWHFAG Meet the West Ham BoardRWHFAG Meet the West Ham Board

Last night the Real West Ham Fans Action Group and fans representing various websites such as Hammers Chat, KUMB, WHFTV, Crossed Hammers, WHUISA and others, met the board of West Ham United for discussions surrounding the upcoming march next month.

Unfortunately, David Sullivan, whom was expected to attended, did not shown and it was left to Baroness Karren Brady to face the music alongside Tara Warren and Ben Illingworth.

Various issues were discussed and it was agreed the club would go away and thing about what was said and to present a plan of action to the group.

However after the meeting, the committee for the RWHFAG, sat down and decided that they felt the club couldn’t deliver enough to stop the march and were disappointed by the no shows of the two chairman, David Sullivan and David Gold. As it stands, the march will go ahead as initially planned on the 10th of March.

Andy Swallow will meet with the police today to confirm the route and plan.

See below some of the points from yesterdays meeting.


Decision Making  

Karren admitted she has no involvement with transfers. As both Gold and Sullivan have been ill recently and due to their age, Karren believes  that both had made their intentions clear to the relevant people as to where their shares will go.


David Sullivan and Jim White

Complaints were made regarding comments that Chairman made to Jim White concerning the alleged indecent at Wigan . There was discontent amongst the fans that our Chairman was making the fans look bad within the media.  It was also noted  how well enough Sullivan was to talk to Jim White and is due attend the Liverpool match this coming Saturday, but not well enough to meet with supporters today .

Karren mentioned how currently ill DS is.


Request of clubs financial results for the period ending May 2017

The request was refused by Karren,  Karren mention they would be made available to public in 10 days time anyway, Karren admitted it was more a case of won’t share the information rather than can’t . We will have them come 1st

The point was made to Karren that given the general lack of investment in the club by the two major shareholders which she confirmed at £48m in equity – a number not dissimilar to what the Icelandics put in – that they should set a realistic price for their shares and sell the club .

Karren repeatedly stated they have no desire to sell .


Ticket prices

Karren mentioned that ticket prices for next year would be frozen .


The badge

A long discussion took place concerning the badge and  the word “London” as we are from East London and that’s where our history lays.

TW spoke at length about all sorts of surveys and exhibitions of different designs that they had gone through and that 76% had voted for the new badge , data was provided to us .

However nobody could remember being asked regarding different designs for the badge.



There was a lot of discussion about the stewards  and their lack of experience needed at football matches. Also the lack of awareness and consideration as  one  appears wear a Charlton shirt under his jacket.

Karren stated the club had tried to get the Boleyn stewards back offering to pay for their NVQ training etc but one of the issues was there are 1200 stewards at the new place compared with the 285 or so we had at our ground.

The on-going issue of fans from other clubs wearing colours in our parts of the ground was discussed and a firm commitment was made by Ben Illingworth to ensure that will not be allowed to happen again.


Boxing day fixtures

Karren denied that we would be unable to ever host a boxing day fixture ever again, but it all depended upon how the fixtures fell, and on what the Met had to say about it.

Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

2 thought on “Real West Ham Fans Action Group Meet Sullivan, Brady & Gold”
  1. All i see in the three stooges are lies lies lies they could never tell the truth as long as they’ve got an hole in there arse

  2. Very defensive approach by board and very poor that neither Gold nor Sullivan turned up. Also predictable that they show no sign of actually offering something that aligns to our objectives. The badge wouldn’t be hard to address. Simply revert to our traditional badge. I’d also expect them to be able to talk through financial investment plans. Again they are fudging it. I see no reason to trust them. Trust has to be earned with positive actions. The march needs to go ahead.

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