Was there ever a time when a West Ham supporter could be guaranteed consistency and fabulous performances from the team? The club has been on a rollercoaster of emotions all season long both on and off the field, but it looks like the Moyes magic is just about to guide the team on its final ascent…before it falls of the edge again towards the end of the season. But no matter, as enough points will have been earned to ensure survival in the Premier League.

“I’m thinking about the deer. Going to ‘Nam. I like the trees, you know? I like the way that the trees are on mountains, all the different… the way the trees are.” Nick – The Deer Hunter

Ever since can remembered, the claret and blue army have been left bewildered by the club decisions to buy or sell players…and this is not a recent malaise either, as this has repeatedly happened throughout the club’s history. Just as one season would lift the club to heights unseen before, then the very next season the club would sink to the depths of despair…nowhere mid table or fighting to avoid relegation!

Much has been said about the summer transfer window that is fast approaching now and whether or not the club will launch with vociferous intent to build a mightier squad for the next campaign. The fans have been waiting patiently in the last couple of weeks to keep their emotions in check, whilst giving the team the support they need to focus on each encounter. However, unless positive action is taken to strengthen the squad in the summer, then more than inquisitive eyes will be staring at the owners, the transfer system and policy that has been implemented.

As soon as the last ball is kicked this season, then the club must be on the prowl to close in on targets that have already been selected, however does anyone truly believe that they would be so organised? I certainly don’t!

One would hope that the owners would not consider survival as a mere lucky escape and fail to recognise the very tangible peril the club was facing. There have been musings that there will be money to invest int he summer, however how much of that money is new coin or simply funds generated from a good day at the car boot sale?

Many fans would agree that the squad requires more than a little attention in the summer to make it a force to be reckoned with, however one has to wonder how much attention the club and owners will give it given that survival is all but guaranteed. There will no doubt be an exodus of names come mid May…loan players and youthful pretenders that haven’t quite made the grade will surely be away…but who will replace them?

One of the problems of loan players is that they retain no value for the club, however they are a huge drain on finances in the short term. Their form may have made the difference throughout the season or possibly merely in one solitary match where a vital point was earned, such as with Joe Hart against Chelsea a week last Sunday. However come the end of the season, the player leaves and the club must find a replacement, unless they decide to buy the loanee and keep them at the club.

West Ham have not done good transfer business for a couple of seasons at least and is the reason why the squad has underperformed for much of that period. This summer, there is one final opportunity to make good on the promises made to the fanbase before leaving Upton Park…to buy quality in depth but also to retain the best players currently at the club. Will this happen though?

For many West Ham fans, this is all reminiscent of years gone by however, never has so much been riding on it…for the club or the fans! This should not be another stab in the dark for the club as there should be purpose in their endeavour to build a bigger and better team. The club cannot afford to continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result…that would be madness. All fans are waiting for the club to spin the West Ham barrel, take their shot and go hunting for the deers!


By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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