Last season we scored a credible 48 goals in the Premier League.

We were the 8th best top scorers which should have led to a higher league position if we hadn’t had the joint worse defensive record with Stoke.

But with the attacking approach of our new Manager Manuel Pellegrini and the standard of players we have brought in then surely we can add to the 48 we achieved with a struggling Manager in Bilic and a very defensive Manager in Moyes.

Assuming we have a starting line up that includes Hernandez, Arnautovic, Anderson and Yarmolenko then goals must flow



In his restrictive appearances last season he scored 8 premier league goals.

With a career average of 1 in around every 2.5 games

For next season we would be looking for a return of around 14 -16  goals.



Last season was his best return in the Premier league since joining Stoke with 11 goals.

A career average of 1 in 5 games.

But playing in an advance position rather than as a winger and with the support of creative players around him then we should be looking for him to improve on his 11 goals.

I would go for a target of 12-14 goals



A career record of 1 in 6 games

More of a provider than goal scorer and even though unproven in the Premier League we should still be expecting him to be able to maintain his career standard.

So around 6-8 goals



Again a career average of around 1 in 2.5 games.

He may find the Premier League more difficult but with a scoring record that he has, then we would expect 10-12 goals.


Our main 4 attacking players could bring us 42-50 goals if they can achieve around a 90% appearance rate.

If they can, then it would bring us a top 10 finish at least assuming our defence is better than last season which it surely will be.


But If you add to this approximately another 10-12 goals coming from the defence, other players and penalties then we could be looking at 52-62 goals.

60 goals should take a team to around a 7th or 8th League position.

Our 65 goals in the final season at Upton Park brought us 7th place and joint 4th top scores.


Assuming we keep all our top players for the last few weeks of the transfer window then there should be no reason why we can’t outscore all teams outside of the top 6.

What a change this summers transfer window and an attacking Manager could make.



By DazP@Kirtonhammer


By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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