West Ham's messed up decision making but who is sanctioning player departures?West Ham's messed up decision making but who is sanctioning player departures?

Messed up decision making leading to more confusion

In light of West Ham’s decision to let both Ben Johnson and Divin Mubama go at the season’s end, questions arise about who’s calling the shots. Typically, such decisions fall under the purview of the manager or head coach. However, with David Moyes deferring any West Ham future talk until the end of the campaign, it’s unclear if he’s behind these moves involving the academy graduates.

It’s doubtful that joint owner David Sullivan acts alone in these matters, prompting speculation about the club’s managerial future. Could Moyes be more involved than suggested? His reluctance to utilise Ben Johnson beyond emergencies hints at a lack of faith in the player. Similarly, Mubama’s limited playing time suggests a similar lack of confidence.

This leads to the conclusion that Moyes might have a significant say in next season’s plans. If a new manager were imminent, the club might hold off on player decisions until they had a chance to assess the squad fully.

Shocking treatment of Ben Johnson has seen West Ham inform him that he can leave
Messed up decision making: Who is sanctioning Johnson’s departure?

But what if both Johnson and Mubama’s departures have the new manager’s blessing? Amid leaked stories and Moyes’ own job insecurity, we can only speculate. The club appears to be in flux, making decisions about player retention and recruitment challenging.

Enter director of football Tim Steidten, whose role becomes crucial in navigating this uncertainty. Whilst it’s unclear how much authority he holds, reports suggesting his interest in retaining Johnson adds to the confusion.

Ultimately, we’ll have to wait until May for clarity. Until then, with Moyes’ job security seemingly fluctuating, the situation remains fluid. Hopefully, someone at the club has a clear plan, because from the outside, it looks like a mess.


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