I was completely unaware of any of the goings on at Sporting Lisbon and I thought if we did ever get Carvalho it would be in the way we sign far too many players. We are linked with him while he is young with time to improve and potential for us to make a few quid if he does go on to become the player some suggest he could. We bid but are outbid by a club that should not be signing players ahead of us, we maintain our interest for the next 10 years while he does ok but never sets the world alight, finally we get our chance to sign the long sought after missing piece of the puzzle. So what he’s now injured for half the season and probably won’t play for another club after us because the whole world can see has done more miles than a black cab.


He brings experience and his presence in the dressing room is vital so it is more than just what he does on the pitch, which is fortunate because he just about makes it through a half time kick about with the other subs.


But all of a sudden a player than is of undoubted quality that wanted to play for us at the time negations were or were not going on (depending on whose side you believe I guess) is available on a free!!!! David Sullivan keep your hands in your pockets no matter how unnatural may feel there is no transfer fee for a player we were willing to pay in excess of £20,000,000 for!!


I doubt his wages will break the bank for us as he isn’t coming from a high paying league and he will bring undoubted quality in to an area that we are in dire need of it. I love noble with all my heart but he doesn’t seem to get through games likes he used too, Kouyate and Obiang are ok at time but so inconsistent, if we could combine the best of both wed have a decent defensive midfielder but too often a game just happens while they stand in it and it has cost us goals and games time after time.


Carvalho is exactly the type of player we can have anchoring the midfield while the likes of Lanzini & a Mario or whoever we sign can do what they do best and not have to spend too much time sitting back doing the donkey work that all too often they are roped in to.


He is in the mould of a Matic who enables the rest of his team to just play while sorting out any danger that comes his way with his superb defensive ability. If he has a bit of trouble of is having an off day, he can change tactic. Physically he is a unit, Kouyate is built like a broom but Carvalho is a tank in comparison, he is physically imposing and uses this to his advantage to just shrug off an opposition player.


Earlier on I sung the praised of Jack Wilshire and as a player I still love him. But Carvalho on a free is too good to resist, DS, DG you have started on the path of redemption with Pellegrini, if he rates William Carvalho and I hope to Bobby Moore he does, pay the man what it takes to get him and build us a team around him!!


Would you take him or would you rather we looked elsewhere to solve our defensive problems? Let me know who else you think could fill the gaping hole in the team @myWHUopinion

Written By Jack | @myWHUopinion

Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

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