After just listening to the David Sullivan interview then my first thoughts are its part of a PR plan due to the planned demonstration on the 10th March. 

But trying to take it as genuine.  

As someone who will be on the march with my main reason being lack of investment in the team and incompetence in the transfer market then I listened more intently to the new recruitment plan rather than pulling him up on points like the Stadium being a menacing place for teams to come to – Really? 


So the new recruitment plan:- 

New Head of recruitment 

Increased Scouting set up 

Scout the players 5-6 times 

Only sign players that the Manager wants 

Manager must watch the players  

Not sign players for the sake of it 

Increased video Analysis 


All sound good? 


Firstly, we have made a plan where the 1st point is that we will be employing a new head of recruitment and the whole policy will be delegated by David Sullivan. 

Then surely then the review and new plan should be part of that role. If not, then what responsibility and accountability will this role really have? 

If we are bringing in someone for this senior role then we should be learning from them not imposing a new procedure by a structure that have failed several times. 


Now let’s add some other points: – 

We have a Manager on a short-term contract or breakpoint. 

There is talk the manager will walk at the end of the season.  

We have a squad with big holes in it. 

Premier league finishes on 13th May. 

World Cup Year – 14th June to 15Th July. 

Summer transfer window runs from 17th May to 9th August (before season starts) 


Based on all of the above and our new policy, how does it all happen before the start of the new season? 

We can’t sign players until the manager situation is resolved 

The manager then needs to give the new head of recruitment the targets  

The players need to be scouted 5-6 times 

The Manager needs to see them play 

Then we need to sign the players by 9th August before a ball is kicked in the Premier League. 


Manager Scenario 1 – New Manager 

If a new manager comes in at the end of the season, then the new policy cannot start until they are recruited, and the scouting starts. 

What games can we scout against? 

Would guarantee that they will have to be at the World Cup? 

5-6 times will be players going a long way in the tournament unless they are players we have already scouted. 

Then we would need to negotiate with the players after the tournament. 

What happens if the players are not at the World Cup and have not been scouted previously? We can’t sign them? Or based on pre-season friendlies. 


Manager Scenario 2 – Moyes stays  

This will resolve the issues of a new manager 

Some players may have already been scouted that Moyes wanted in January. 

He may have seen some of the players either in January, during the season or in the remaining games. 


When you look at the above then the only chance we have of getting in the players we need is to appoint Moyes longer term. 

If this is the case and it was going to happen anyway, we need to get it done as soon as we are safe to give ourselves the best chance of a good transfer window. We could scout now based on Moyes targets and try to sign as soon as the 17th May arrives. 

If they are international players at the World Cup we may have time to get in quick or we would be in danger of time running out and/or the valuation/interest by other clubs goes up after a good competition. 


Or if Moyes is definitely not staying then the board need to know their target managers as well as being clear what they are willing to pay a club if they are still employed. And start having conversations with their representatives that we all know happens. 

But this really would be very tight, especially when you look at the number of signings we need including signing or replacing current loans which couldn’t take place until the new Manager agrees under our new policy.

Busy times hopefully rather than any excuses like we didn’t have enough time with our policy. 


By @DazP@kirtonhammer

Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

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