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I have read and listened to many views on the board and how our club is being run.

Everyone has the own reasons for attending the March or not and that should be respected.

But here is mine with how I believe I have come to this decision.


Upton Park – The move

Like a lot of supporters, I really did have split emotions on this.

My Heart told me that I didn’t want to leave Upton Park, too many good memories from the first games I attended with my Dad, carrying a wooded stool to stand on at the front of the old west stand.

Going through the 1980 cup run, Boys of 86 season as a 17 year old.

Taking my own son to his first game and then watching him go through all the same emotions I had supporting West Ham.

My Head overruled my heart and told me we needed to move on.

Chelsea & Man City had changed from mediocre teams to winners over a short period of time through investment.

I wanted this, the 1980 cup final win was years ago when I was 11.

Our board said that we needed to move and if we did we would have a ‘world class team’ in a ‘world class stadium’.

And then Tottenham wanted the stadium, we couldn’t have that, Tottenham in East London.

We had to move, to not only move forward but stop Tottenham moving in.

The final season at Upton Park came and went and it felt like a celebration, superb season finishing with probably the best game I had ever been to at Upton Park.

That season didn’t make me feel that we needed to stay but we needed to move on for more better days.


Olympic Stadium

The new beginning happened, we moved.

Walking up to the stadium for the 1st euro qualifier, I had the feeling of “this shouldn’t be ours, it’s too good for us”

At that point it still felt like the right thing to do, views were ok for the price I paid for 2 season tickets.

From that point it started to change,

Even just leaving the stadium on that first night, it was a nightmare with stewards not knowing what they were doing, diverts around Stratford to avoid access back into Westfields.

But it must get better.

It has not been great and even in the second season there are still many issues that should have been resolved.

But even these issues I could live with.

For me, the stadium is not the reason to march.


Investment & Management

Now we come to my main reason for marching.

My head overruled my heart on moving from Upton Park because of the investment that would be made by G&S.

I do not want to walk across Stratford, I do want to drink in different pubs, I do not want to sit with non-football supporters.

I agreed to this because I wanted to see improvement in my team through the investment promised.

I would have been happy to continue going to Upton Park and having a few highs and many more lows there.

Whatever way that you look at the figures then the board have under invested in the team & squad.

They have no plan for the future and just look like they are running the club from one week to another with no acceptance that they are making mistake after mistake.

A board full of their own importance with a complete lack of understanding of the fans, who really own the club.

I now think back to my decision to back the move from Upton Park and feel totally mugged off

Supporters were intentionally lied to, with the only reason to bluff their way into the Olympic stadium for their own personal gain.

That for me is more important than the badge, view from the cheap seats, popcorn, stewards etc

But whatever reason you have, then that is good enough for me as the march must happen.


By DazP@kirtonhammer.

Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

One thought on “Why I’m marching on the 10th March”
  1. I mirror your comments mate, I understood that if the club had to move forward for better things and hopefully win silverware then we had to sacrifice our home, I haven’t seen any progression in any form, we’ve all fallen for what has proven to be a complete croc of lies, we’ve got to show unity and march together on 10th March, I don’t expect the plastic fans who sit down, clean out the club shop and stuff there faces with popcorn to be there, but EVERYONE who gives a F**# about the future of OUR club should be there. I’d like that stadium to be empty for the first 10 mins to show how serious this has become ⚒⚒⚒

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