With it looking more likely that David Moyes will be offered a long-term contract. Does he deserve one?

I will try and be open minded and give reasons for and against.


YES – For the Defence (No pun intended)


He’s not had a chance to shape the squad to his requirements with a Summer transfer window. May already be well into planning our summer targets, he seems to have been to quite a few games.

With a major restructuring needed, would there be enough time to bring a new Manager in and allow them to bring in half a squad that is needed. Taking into account the transfer window will start and finish earlier and there is a World cup.

Looking at how poor our squad is it may take 2 seasons to fix anyway without starting from scratch.


He has put together a good British based backroom team.


Seems to be able to work with our board, who else would work with them? Benitez has been mentioned by a lot of people, how long would he last with our board and their penny-pinching ways? Top level Managers wouldn’t even consider us.


He has got the best out of Arnautovic and Ogbonna.

Squad discipline seems to have improved.


Understands the Premier League.

Had a good league record at Everton where he was given time.


NO – For the Prosecution



His long-term appointment would show no ambition from the board, Moyes cannot be classed as a Top level Manager let alone a world class one.

It would probably still be a relatively short-term appointment as his style is not what the majority of West ham fans want and fans will be on his back as soon as a poor run starts. Unlikely he would last 2 seasons.

He is just another Allardyce in a different suit, surviving season by season.

Will not push our board, he is just happy to be given another chance in the Premier League again so will just go along with anything they say.

No January signings and allowed players to leave backs this up.

Will not attract top signings, who will really be inspired by Moyes? Especially if they are a skilful or attacking player.


Too negative in his tactics.

Uses the same tactics regardless of the opposition.

Low win rate, generally sets up for a draw and hope something will happen through a bit of magic from Arnautovic or Lanzini.

No real plan B for when it’s not working.

Poor substitutions or too late to change the game.


Hasn’t been willing to give Hernandes a real chance even after he started scoring.

Probably the best natural finisher we have had at the club in years but for some reason Moyes does not want to build a team around him due to his defensive tactics.

Players not played in their best positions, we have seen this with several players this season.


No interest in cup competitions.

Made his feeling very obvious this season with team selection and tactics.

Even if you go back to his Everton days when he had a team regularly finishing in top 7, his record was poor.

In 11 full seasons with Everton

FA CUP – One losing final appearance, 1x semi, 1x quarter final, 2x 5th round, 3x 4th round, 3x 3rd round.

League Cup even worse, 1 x semi, 6x 4th round, 4x 3rd round.


The Board will tell us when they are ready.


By DazP@Kirtonhammer

Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

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