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Real West Ham Fans Action Group

As posted on the Real West Ham Fans Action Group Facebook page not long go, they met with the board again yesterday. Please see below the minutes from the meeting.


Present: Karen Brady (KB) and Tara Warren (TW)for WHUFC

Various supporters groups represented by Andrew Swallow (AS) Micky Morgan (MM) Mo Sikka (MS) Mark Walker (MW) Greg Smith (GS) Ryan Archer (RA)


KB asked AS why we don’t trust West Ham. As said it that for him personally it goes back to him being let down when he was at Grays Athletic F.C.

KB listened to AS comments as to having effectively been kicked out of rush green and finding out from man at turnstiles.

kB apologised for those circumstances and gave various reasons behind that situation ie manager wanted that venue as training ground and that nothing was going to stop that happening.


MM spoke about promotional video convincing us to move to new stadia.

KB said many people like our stadium.

MM said manager and transfer budget wasn’t well handled. KB said we tried but some of the transfers didn’t work out. Players brought in didn’t deliver but we continue to try to improve the squad. It’s is never a sure thing that any player brought in works out well. As commented that we need to stop looking at loanees as that doesn’t send the right message to fans and other clubs.

MM asked KB with hindsight would you still put your name to it (the video) ? KB said David gold made some mistakes when making statements on the new ground move and in any event the video was not produced by whufc.

RA commented that he films for West Ham Fans TV every game and stays behind often after most fans have left and generally fans are not happy with the state of the club.

GS asked for smart objectives instead of commitments as these look like a way of fobbing fans off. We have to achieve the so called commitments outlined in the clubs letter of 22nd February 2018 so that they can be believed and delivered upon. KB said that the club are in no way trying to fob anybody off and genuinely have a desire to work with our groups to achieve an end result with ongoing engagement.

MS commented that the stadium is basically an athletic stadium. KB stated that the stadium is uefa standard. AS said that we should be allowed to engage our own specialist to look at retractable seating etc. KB invited us to engage a specialist to look at seating solutions. KB said the club will fully support us in that respect.


As asked is there a good working relationship with E20 where they may be problems. KB stated that the club is in court later 2018 with E20 forcing them to allow increase in capacity and discussed other areas where West Ham have been let down by E20 and not delivered upon.

The club are looking at ways to effect improvements to the stadium with fans possibly closer to the pitch.

Retractable seating is only about speed  and that fans wouldn’t be any closer to the pitch. If it is possible to move closer would need to look at possibility of fans not being under cover of roof and whether that would be feasible.Atmosphere needs to be improved with solutions put into place.


GS said that commitment given by club needs to be secured in a way to show that the board are serious and that even though the March on10th of March will go ahead it may be more as a goodbye to the Boleyn and that continuous meetings with the board will continue so in effect Rwhfag have succeeded in getting the club and fans together collectively speaking.


MW said that they WHUISA previously tried to do things with the club through SAB but didn’t get anywhere. TW spoke about how the groups are made up to represent fans interests. Whuisa have tried for 2 years and got nowhere. TW said whuisa has no agenda and difficult to deal with. Whuisa want a recognition from the club as a good representation of their members. MW feels the clubs pr has failed spectacularly and dna of the club has been taken away from the fans. The club signed the deal with the owners and knew what they were getting into.

KB invited AS or Danny to a sab meeting to see how it’s actually run.


10th March some of the commitments in the club letter will be seen and delivered upon??

A further meeting to discuss and agree designs for flags etc

Boleyn crest take way word London on a vote and look at other things for crest again on a vote. Give variations.


Museum question. Boat on river..problem is insurance for medals etc…maybe in existing cafe beneath club shop. Sourcing location for a museum in or close to the stadium is being looked into and any input will be welcomed.

AS asked abou a fanzone area on match days. KB suggested a pre arranged trip to Man City for us on a match day to see the one they have and KB to look at suitable venues around stadium where a fanzone could possibly be located.Planning with London boroughs of Newham will be sourced and discussed but E20 will need to be addressed.


AS asked how KB TW etc foresee how we will work in the future to engage on matters.

KB TW stated club are most keen to engage and asked how often we should meet.

Accounts were briefly discussed and some matters raised about investment by the owners. KB stated that the owners are committed to taking the club forward and are not looking to sell the club and nor has any approach been made.

AS asked where are we with regards to the club going forward .

KB stated that there is going to be a complete shift how things are done. Head of recruitment is being sourced and the board are looking to rebuild scouting network. Some changes are already in place regarding scouts .Agents area to be readdressed.

Managers input important.

AS asked KB what she thought is the worry or damage to the club if the fans march went ahead. KB said no worry but damaging to employees that work hard thinking they are not appreciated. Damage to team.. damage to sponsors. Dividing of supporters. Peaceful issues .. other areas of damage that cannot at this stage be measured..


If it was called off, AS asked how do we help those that are already booked to arrive from afar.. club will reimburse and look at providing match tickets. AS our group will work to try and get people that no longer attend coming back.. work on a strategy to achieve this.

MM we raised £26k for our group and if march doesn’t go ahead we want balance after expenses to go to Islas fund and present a cheque a on a specific match day on the pitch. KB said she would arrange for a former player to do this with us if required.If we don’t march the club will pick up cost and match our donation.


In conclusion KB TW confirmed that they are keen to continue dialogue with fans groups and are working to deliver upon commitments in a timely manner wherever possible. They want the club to succeed the same as we do.

Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

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