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It’s been a while since I’ve managed to get time to write a blog, 13th of September in fact, where I wrote about (potential) fellow Irishman Declan Rice. But following the recent announcement by SKY / BT of their televised games for February, I thought I’d give an insight into the impact this has on not only an overseas fan but a fan.


West Ham’s Upcoming Fixtures:

Date Time Opposition Home / Away
Saturday 22nd December 3:00pm Watford Home
Thursday 27th December 7:45pm Southampton Away Sky Sports
Sunday 30th December 2:15pm Burnley Away
Wednesday 2nd January 7:45pm Brighton Home
Saturday 5th January 12:30pm Birmingham Home
Saturday 12th January 12:30pm Arsenal Home Sky Sports
Saturday 19th January 3:00pm Bournemouth Away
Tuesday 29th January 7:45pm Wolves Away
Monday 4th February 8:00pm Liverpool Home Sky Sports
Saturday 9th February 3:00pm Crystal Palace Away
Friday 22nd February 7:45pm Fulham Home Sky Sports
Tuesday 26th February 8:00pm Man City Away BT Sport



The fixtures above show West Ham have one home and two away games at the traditional time of 3:00pm on a Saturday. 3 out of our next 12 fixtures.

Fair enough these 12 fixtures include the Christmas and New Year period where we can expect a difference. However, if we look at the January and February fixtures, out of the seven Premier League games, four have been moved for television. Three of these are home games. Therefore, season ticket holders will have to re-arrange to attend or possibly not attend.

These games are additional to the home games against Chelsea and Man U that were also re-fixed for TV.

Meaning, out of the 14 home fixtures up until the end of February, 5 have been changed from the traditional time slot and 2 have been mid-week games. That’s 50% of home games fixed to date are not a traditional Saturday 3pm kick off!

This is bound to have an effect on those season ticket holders who have to travel a distance to get to a game. Is it any wonder there are so many empty seats in our stadium during televised games.


Overseas Fan

If I or any overseas fan are looking at getting over to a weekend game in the New Year they nearly must now fly on a Friday afternoon and return on a Tuesday morning. This is to cover the possibility of the game being changed to a Friday evening or a Monday evening and everything in between. It’s a short holiday, two days off work and four nights in a hotel!

Obviously, this is not realistic, and most fans will wait until the release date of the televised fixtures. But this has a direct impact on the cost of flights. We all know the earlier you book the cheaper the flights.


Season Ticket

Lately I have been getting bombarded by the ticket office to upgrade my claret membership to a half season ticket. I did ponder it but the realisation that 50% of our home games so far this season up until the end of February are or have not been a Saturday game, there is no point.

A half season ticket would be for games with no Saturday 3pm kick offs until March, April and May. Leaving 5 games which could still be changed when SKY / BT release their televised games for those months!


I suppose this is modern football and I’m not sure there is very much the ‘fan’ can do. I’ll just have to stick with my claret membership and get over to games as and when I can.


Tony Close





By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

2 thought on “Sky, BT & the Impact on the Fan”
  1. Unfortunately it’s not about the fan with a season ticket anymore and it just shows how little the fan not only our club but every club are held in with sky / BT as well . Last Christmas Newcastle were supposed to be away at Arsenal until some one realised none of the fans could get back to the northeast as the trains had stopped running before the end of the game .

  2. Hi…. It’s a disgrace really. As has been said many times the TV companies and The Premier League just don’t care about fans. On balance I blame The Premier League more than TV. I think that TV needs Football more than Football needs the TV. The PL has the product which can be shown on any platform. Ie Amazon,Netflix etc so the Sky share price would plummet without Football. Therefore the PL should give the TV Companies 7 days to pick their matches after the initial matches are drawn for a new season. No changes allowed after that and the dates are then made public. Cup games in the latter part of the season might necessitate a few changes but nothing like the wholesale changes that are made now. It won’t happen though because the money grabbing b*******s at the PL just don’t care.

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