Belgium scouting overhaul is to be be overseen by Tim SteidtenTim Steidten targeting Belgium in the pursuit of new players

Hammers overhaul is bad news for Moyes

Darmesh Sheth from Sky Sports, has provided an insight into the potential managerial direction West Ham could take. Sheth, who has been a guest on Hammer’s Chat several times, is recognised for his extensive contacts and credible information. In a recent interview, he suggested that if David Moyes doesn’t continue at West Ham United, the club might opt for a head coach rather than a traditional football manager.

According to Sheth, the next manager could have less control over player recruitment compared to Moyes. This shift towards a more continental model would involve technical director Tim Steidten, who would take charge of selecting players. The primary role for the new head coach would be focused on coaching rather than managerial duties.

Sheth emphasised that this approach makes it easier to change a manager than to part ways with multiple players under long-term contracts. He hinted that Moyes, known for his influence over player recruitment, might not be offered a new contract, and the next appointment could follow the described model.

Hammers want continental model

The evidence supporting this potential shift is visible in West Ham’s recent appointments. Tim Steidten, the technical director or football director, has played a significant role in signings, negotiations, and contract extensions. The club’s messaging, indicating no new deal for Moyes, aligns with the idea that the next manager might have less say in player acquisitions.

While acknowledging Moyes’s achievements and flexibility in working with non-signings, Sheth hinted at a departure from the traditional English managerial role. He emphasised that the future head coach may be someone accustomed to the continental model, where a technical director collaborates on player recruitment.

Despite potential reservations from Moyes, Sheth sees this shift as an exciting development for West Ham. The club’s emphasis on signing British players, a departure from the current trend, may become a priority due to the dwindling home grown quota. Sheth’s report suggest a strategic change in West Ham’s managerial approach, with a focus on a modern, continental model.


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