2017-18 compared to the squad that finished Upton Park  

By DazP@Kirtonhammer 

Now that we know the squad that will finish this season, I thought I would update my previous blog that compared the current squad with the one that finished the last season at Upton Park. 


With Ayew leaving, another player has left after a short term stay (Mistake) 

The players that came in after Upton Park and been sold are now: – 

Signings – Ayew, Nordveit, Feghouli, Snodgrass & Fletcher 

Plus loans – Zaza, Arbeloa, Tore & Calleri 


A number of loans were used during the UP season and of course we have Hart & Mario now. Mario looks a better class of loan than we have had previously with maybe the exception of Lanzini. But I don’t think there are too many fans expecting he will be bought at £38 Million. 

But putting loans to one side the following are the senior squads of permanent players that will finish the 2 seasons.  

You will not see as many changes as you think with all the players that have come in and gone since Upton Park causing confusion.  

And shows just how bad the transfer windows have been since all the promises made by the board during that last season at UP. 


Goal Keepers 

Constant – Adrian 

Out – Randolph 

We no longer have Radolph and unless we sign Hart which I doubt then we will need to sign a keeper. 



Constant – Reid, Cresswell, Collins, Ogbonna, Byram 

Out – Tomkins & Obrien  

In – Fonte, Zabaleta, Masuaku & Rice 

I included Rice but no other Youth players as in my opinion he is now a big part of the senior squad. 

The defence has improved in this comparison on paper but in the summer there will be some questions asked as we will have 4 center backs over 30. 



Constant – Noble, Obiang, Kouyate, Lanzini, Antonio 

Out – Payet 

In – Arnautovic & Fernandes 

Although different roles, Arnautovic may prove to be more important to us that Payet was for that season at UP. Although he was a world class player that season and wasn’t replaced. 



Constant – Carroll 

Out – Sakho & Valencia 

In – Hernandez & Hugill 

With Carroll still the consistent injured Striker, then based on what we have seen so far from Hernandez then I think I prefer the UP strike force. 


Overall once all the info is taken back to permanent players finishing the season like this then the real lack of improvement in players is really seen. 

We haven’t moved on and invested in the right players to take the club forward but made many mistakes on transfers causing players to come and go. 

This means we are still reliant on the core squad from Upton Park. 

Will this change? 

It seems unlikely with our board although there doesn’t seem anywhere else left to go now as all the mistakes have resulted in us needing a number of very good signings in the summer.  With a number of the current squad needing replacement then a 70-100 million budget will be needed. 

But that’s only what should have been spent this season rolled over to the summer. As we know though, there are no roll overs in the DS lottery. 


  Upton Park  London Stadium   
Goal Keepers  Adrian  Adrian   
Defenders  Reid  Reid   
  Cresswell  Cresswell   
  Collins  Collins   
  Ogbonna  Ogbonna   
  Byram  Byram   
  Tomkins *  Fonte *   
  Obrien *  Zabaleta *   
    Masuaku *   
    Rice *   
Midfield  Noble  Noble   
  Obiang  Obiang   
  Kouyate  Kouyate   
  Lanzini  Lanzini   
  Antonio  Antonio   
  Payet *  Arnautovic *   
    Fernandes *   
Forwards  Carroll  Carroll   
  Sakho *  Hernandez *   
  Valencia *  Hugill *   
Total  18  20   
Jon Pope

By Jon Pope

Use to sit in the BML for 10 years, been a West Ham fan all my life, and my great grandfather was a founder member of the TIW. I also help run the Hammer Chat website.

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