On that special night we said goodbye to Upton Park one last time, skipper Mark Noble said, “this club ain’t run like a circus anymore”. Well, two years down the line and the show is still going on.

Sunday’s 4-1 defeat to Manchester City epitomised everything that is wrong with this football club. Don’t get me wrong, Man City are an excellent side and played very well, but they didn’t even reach 20% of what they are capable of.

No effort, no desire, no determination to at least try and prevent City from scoring. It was a walk in the park for both teams, but evidently two very different paths were taken.

It really does amaze me that these players quite literally ‘walked’ around a football pitch for 90 minutes and went home over £30,000 richer. It’s disgusting, especially given the situation we are currently in.

No one expected us to beat City, of course we don’t expect that as West Ham fans. But what we do ask for is fight. Play for the badge. Give us something to at least show you are trying, and we can accept that.

Now, David Moyes. Personally, I cannot stand what Moyes is doing to this football club, however it does not baffle me as to why the owners, David Sullivan in particular, wants him to remain as manager next season. The word rhymes with honey, there’s your clue.

The man was appointed to ‘sort out the defence’ and make sure we were ‘hard to beat’. We currently sit top of the list for goals conceded. Laughable.

The ironic thing is, I have never seen a West Ham manager set up so defensively, yet we leak goals left right and centre!

If anyone is pro Moyes, I would love to hear why. He was appointed to keep us up, if he does that then fair play, job done and let’s never see him near this football club again.

But we know how the owners work. He keeps us up, they feel as if they have a good enough reason to give him a new deal. WAKE UP! Take off your tinted glasses and see what is going on. They must be the most oblivious people in the world. How can they sit and watch what we watch, yet be content with it? Again, I guess it comes to the sweet thing that ends up in their pockets, and no, it’s not honey.

I grew up knowing one thing, and that was that I loved West Ham. That never-ending love we have as fans is what the owners relish. Relish and exploit. They know we will keep coming back, we will keep buying the merchandise and we will keep putting money in their pockets.

West Ham have the most loyal fans in the world, and they are exploiting it and will continue to do so until they squeeze every single penny out of us they can. David Sullivan is the man I despise the most. He does not have an ounce of Claret and Blue in his body. He treats this as a business. He knows what he is doing, but he is too stuck up to listen to what he have to say.

The only way to get at people like David Sullivan is to stop putting money in his pocket. It happened at Birmingham and it worked. However, he knows that our fanbase is too loyal to have this effect. Protests, marches, all of this is a good way of getting their attention, but we will still turn up at 3pm on a Saturday? We will still sell out every away game? He is still getting what he wants, and ultimately that’s the saddest part.

The stadium is a separate issue. We moved from Upton Park to the London Stadium to “compete with the top six”. We had just come off the back of an unforgettable season, and boy did Sullivan know it.

The false promises, the false hope, the false idea of what West Ham could become.

I’ll admit, they caught me. Hook, line and sinker. I believed in what they said, I bought into the false experience they advertised. However, it comes back to this, I, we, no one who supports West Ham expects success and trophies and competing with the top four.

There was a very good opportunity for us to develop as a club, and the foundation was there. We still do have the base to make this a very good football club. But not with these three in charge. No way. It cannot happen, they are too fixated on making a profit now, rather than building a project and long-term success.

Short-term profit will always override long-term success in the eyes of David Sullivan, and the owners are slowly but surely destroying this football club.

How we stop this downward spiral I don’t know. But if we do stay up this season, serious changes are required at this football club from top to bottom. We need a new direction, new ideas and a fresh start for West Ham United Football Club, otherwise we are in serious danger and things could get a whole lot worse.

The show must NOT go on.

Written by Frankie Levin

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By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

3 thought on “THE SHOW MUST NOT GO ON”
  1. I agree completely as do probably most West Ham fans but unless we stop buying season tickets or any tickets and just stay away then the pockets of Larry, Moe and Curly will continue to be lined by the likes of us. I for one will not be going to see my beloved hammers while we have moyes in charge and until the three Stooges take this club of ours seriously.

    1. Thank you mate, appreciate the comment! I agree, it’s a difficult situation we are in, just have to stick through it!

  2. Totally agree with this was ok with moyes at 1st and he got us going ok but he just seems to think arnatovic can save us every game on his own but he isn’t a messi Ronaldo or even salah he needs more support up front it’s obvious. I understand Carroll’s frustration and I like to think he did what he did because he sees like us what is wrong and was as angry as we all feel at the moment and for all his bloody injuries I’m totally support him. I feel that other members off the team have lost there belief in him and moyes himself won’t walk or give up but I bet he doesn’t have the love or feelings which he did at Everton like bilic had for us. I hope the players find one more big performance in them before the season is out or we could well go down. I can only dream off Carroll playing along side hernades with lanzini and arnatovic playing just behind them what a scarey prospect for any team to defend against

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