Wolves had the better of possession with 55% to West Ham’s 45%

West Ham had the slightly better territory at 53% V 47% for Wolves.

All the other main stats were all in favour of Wolves by a massive margin,

Wolves created 14 chances to just 1 chance by us.

Wolves had 20 shots to 4 by West Ham

And Wolves had 9 shots on target, and the most disappointing stat that we had no shots on target.

Wolves completed 380 of their 479 passes giving them a 79.7% completion rate.

West Ham completed 302 of 402 attempted passing, 75.1% completion.

In the attacking third, Wolves completed 82 of 121 passes, and West Ham 50 from 86 passes.


Of our outfield passes, 9% were attempted in the defensive third, 68% in the middle third and just 23% in the attacking third.

In the attacking third we completed just 60% of our passes.



51% of our attempted outfield passes were forward, 25% backwards and 24% square.

8% of our passes were classified as long.


Anderson attempted the most passes for us with 53 but only 37 were completed, giving a low 70% pass completion.

Rice completed the most passes with 45 from his 48 attempted, this also gave him our highest pass completed of 94%.

Arnautovic had the lowest pass completion of the starting line up with 66%



Our main pass combinations were down the left wing with very little coming from partnerships down the right.

Anderson was top of our attacking stats but overall they were poor.

Only 1 chance was created and no shots on target.

Zabaleta showed our best defensive stats including 8 clearances.

Centre backs should take the lead on clearances, just 4 clearances by Ogbonna. How we miss Balbuena and his clearances.

And no defensive stats from Noble which is not good enough from a central midfielder.


Some views on individual stats

Zabaleta – The best of our defenders, low pass completion.

Ogbonna – Not good enough from a centre back when the opposition have the better of possession.

Diop – Slightly better than Ogbonna but still not good enough, needs Balbuena back as his partner to take command of clearances.

Masuaku – OK Stats if others in the defence were better, Passing stats better than a lot of team mates.

Noble – Good passing stats as always, didn’t give the ball away as i have read in reviews, but he has no defensive stats which is not acceptable from a central midfielder.

Rice – 93.7% pass completion, our highest and most completed passes. 10 Ball recoveries.

Anderson – Had our highest attacking stats but nothing to shout about. Passing was poor.

Snodgrass – Nothing to speak of.

Antonio – Ok ish but with no shots etc then no attacking player deserves any credit.

Arnautovic – Complete waste of time, lowest pass completion.

Subs – Nothing to note.












By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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