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By DazP@KirtonHammer


I started this blog with the title of the worst decade in our club’s history? as a question, im not a West Ham historian and I’m sure there are other decades prior to the 60’s that have certain stats that would prove this wrong.

But for me, supporting West Ham since the 70’s then this has by far been the worse decade.

60’s brought our first FA Cup win followed by our only European trophy. As well as giving England the players to win the World Cup.
Managed by one man throughout in Ron Greenwood

70’s – Our second FA Cup win, and although we spent the last 2 years of the decade in Division 2 it was part of forming one of our best teams ever.
Just the 2 managers with John Lyall taking over in 1974

80’s – Started with our FA cup win whilst still in Division 2 . Still the last side outside the top division to do this.
The 1985-86 season being our best ever finish of 3rd with McAvennie/Cottee scoring for fun.

90’s – Not the best of decades with a bit of a yoyo between divisions at the start
We had 3 permanent managers within this decade in Lou Marcari (not for long) Billy Bonds and Harry Redknapp
Although not the best decade there were still some good times and characters, and finishing 5th in the 98-99 season.

00’s – 4 permanent Managers during this period
2 seasons in the 2nd level
But coming so close to beating Liverpool in the Cup Final in our first season back.

Now on to the last decade
We started the decade with Gold and Sullivan taking over the club in January 2010 or in their words “saving the club
They sacked their first manager in Zola at the end of the first season.

And have sacked or not renewed contracts of,
Avran Grant, Sam Allardyce, Slaven Bilic, David Moyes (short term) and Manual Pellegrini meaning we have had more Managers in this decade than any previously.

We have a new manager policy that is not based on any footballing criteria and only based on cost. Pellegrini was only brought in on the money he was following the protests and the criticism of play under Moyes.

The only highlight of the decade being the last season at Upton Park where the club were carried along by a Manager that cared about the club, and fans bought into the ‘last season hype’ and wanting to end the years at Upton Park in style.

But apart from that season, what has the last decade brought on the field:-
– A Playoff win when we should have gained promotion automatically anyway with our squad.
– A Semi final appearance in the league cup where we lost 9-0 over 2 legs.

Apart from some of the time under Bilic, we have not played with any style and constantly being worried about staying in the League.

Throughout the decade we have struggled to get any Strikers getting into double figures of goals scored.


And having a team finishing the decade with no fight, no characters and no style of play.


Off the field:-
Never before have the fans been so despondent with so many long term supporters feeling it is time to give up going.

Promise after promise from the board without fulfilling any.
-World Class Team
-World Class Stadium
-Champions League football

(We did get a few beer shelves though)

Quite ironic that the closest we came to Champions League football was at Upton Park.

No ongoing investment after promising the move would bring it.

A club feeling like it has nothing left, just getting worse with no soul.

And The biggest mistake ever in leaving Upton Park – That went through based on lies.

In the words of Mark Noble
“This club is not run like a circus anymore.”

No its not – It is a Circus, where the clowns do not make you laugh


Today, I wait to see who the next Manager will be – To see how we are going to start the next decade.


By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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