Academy star Divin Mubama will not be staying at West HamAcademy star Divin Mubama will not be staying at West Ham

West Ham to let academy star Mubama leave

West Ham’s recent revelation regarding Divin Mubama’s wage demands sheds light on a looming departure for the forgotten striker. Negotiations for a new deal have hit a snag, with Mubama and his agent seeking first-team wages despite limited appearances in the Premier League this season. It appears that West Ham is unwilling to meet these demands, indicating a likely parting of ways as Mubama’s contract nears its end.

West Ham’s hope lies in Mubama joining an English club, which would allow them to receive a tribunal fee. However, if he opts for an overseas club, the Hammers risk losing out on any compensation. It’s a disappointing turn of events for Mubama, who, despite his potential, may not have received a fair chance to prove himself.

West Ham of course have form for this kind of nonsense. The club delayed in their negotiations for Declan Rice and fellow academy graduate Ben Johnson has hit a roadblock with talks. The clubs hierarchy are incredibly bad at this stuff so it’s not surprise to see Mubama leave.

Academy star Divin Mubama will not be staying at West Ham
Academy star Divin Mubama is another failed example of first team chances

It’s not just the clubs inability to negotiate contracts that’s the issue either. His situation highlights broader issues within the club, particularly concerning the integration of the academy with the first team. The separation youth team training facilities from the senior squad may disadvantage young players like Mubama, who struggle to showcase their abilities and earn opportunities in the first team.

Mubama could be good bad or indifferent but I guess we’ll never know . . . the lad never really stood a chance.


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