Crystal Palace had the better of possession with 57% against 43% for West Ham.

West Ham had the better of territory with 53-47%

Palace created 16 chances against our 5 chances.

Palace had 25 shots with just 5 on target.

West Ham had 6 shots with 4 on target.

Both teams put in plenty of crosses, 30 for Palace and West ham with 18


Palace completed 396 passes out of their 481 attempted, giving them a 82% pass completion.

West Ham completed a lower 276 passes from 372 attempted, 74% pass completion.

In the attacking third, Palace completed 116 from 160 (73%)

West Ham with 82 from 124 (66%)


8% of our outfield passes were in the defensive third, 58% in the attacking third and 34% in the attacking third.

53% of our passes were forward, 23% backwards and 24% square.

9.6% of our outfield attempted passes were long with 90% classified as short.

Noble completed the most passes for us with 43 out of 48 attempted, also giving him our highest pass completion of 89.6%

Anderson attempted the most passes at 52 and completed 38, a 73% pass completion.

Snodgrass also had a high pass completion at 88% but with lower passes.

From the starting line up Fredericks had the lowest pass completion at 57%, after completing just 15 from his 26 attempted passes.


Anderson was involved in the top 5 of our pass combinations.

Anderson was top of our attacking stats including 14 completed passes in the attacking third, 2 chances created and 3 successful take on’s.

Noble also scoring high in attacking stats including 10 recoveries which was the highest of the match.

The centre backs Ogbonna and Diop were joint top of our defensive stats with both getting a good number of clearances each

Fredericks also did well here with 6 clearances and 5 completed tackles.

Anderson also completing 7 tackles, the most in the match.

Rice way down the list for once.


Some views on individual stats

Fredericks – Poor passing but good defensive stats.

Diop & Ogbonna – Probably their best defensive stats as a pair, plenty of clearances.

Cresswell – Good attacking stats and better than the average passing stats.

Rice – Good passing stats but his lowest defensive stats for a long while.

Noble – Top of our passing as well as good attacking stats, highest recoveries in the match. And his Goal.

Snodgrass – Good attacking stats but lower passing numbers than Noble & Rice in the centre of midfield.

Anderson – Good in both directions, highest number of tackles in the match also.

Antonio – OK in attacking, passing lower that the last few games for him.

Chicharito – Not many passes for his 68 mins but generally made his passes without giving the ball away.


Nothing really shown although Obiang did add some needed defensive stats late on.


Stats Man of the Match (in my opinion)

Anderson – Good mixture of attacking stats and the most tackles in the match







By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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