All the expectations associated with a new manager and a change in fortunes went out the window last Sunday in the match versus Watford. You can guarantee if Watford were coming into that match in West Ham’s shoes they would have came out with the right result (as most teams in that situation do especially when their first game with a new manager is against West Ham!) Many will say that’s more ‘The West Ham Way’.

I had to make do with watching the game on Sky, as unfortunately I don’t get over to as many games as I would like to being based in Ireland and what I watched didn’t exactly fill me with confidence for the season ahead.

The performance on Sunday was very much akin to how the season has been so far, the tactics were much the same, the formation was much the same, the attitude of the players was much the same but hopefully Moyes can use this now to see things must change. I, unlike many supporters, will give David Moyes a chance and after watching the game on Sunday I have great sympathy for him.

My main concern is with the players. All we as fans ever ask for is hard work and commitment to be shown by the players. We want them to take pride in playing for our club, a club steeped in history, a club we put so much time and effort into and we want our players to do the same. I would have thought that with such a core of English players they would understand what is expected of them when playing for this great club.

I am getting a feeling of ‘Baby Bentley’ Crew Mark II. Back then we had Zamora, Harewood, Ferdinand, and Reo-Coker now we have Cresswell, Carroll, Antonio & Noble.

Cresswell had a great first season picking up Hammer of the Year then followed it up with an England call up but he has looked like half the player recently.

Carroll looks like he’s fed up actually getting game time and misses the bench / physio table so much he wants to get sent off so he doesn’t have to play.

Antonio’s performances haven’t been the same as previous seasons and some of the comments in the press would have you believe he would happily move on to another club if they came calling.

Noble’s love for West Ham cannot be denied however I feel he’s maybe letting his friendships with the rest of the Mark II brigade affect how he leads as Club Captain. Their views on themselves and the fans are clouding his judgement. He wants to be in with the ‘lads’ so is starting to believe it’s the fans (or lack of) who are affecting the team performances. Mark, if the team are giving 100% in everything they do, we will stick by them!

One of Moyes’ biggest tasks will be getting these players back to their best, back to whenever each of these players were being tipped for a place in the England squad. It should still within each one of them to play to that standard but will they want to put the effort in for West Ham to keep us and them in the Premier League first?


By Tony Close



By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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