Is the march off? Is the march on? Has it been downgraded to a walk, a stroll, a dander? It’s getting harder and harder to keep up. To be honest I’ve given up in trying to follow what’s going on.

The march always had my full backing. I wanted to be there. I had looked into flights, accommodation and travel arrangements. Luckily, for me financially, it was called off before I had the chance to book anything. I wanted to see what the outcome was of the first meeting that the club had with the Groups United contingent.

I read Karren Brady’s letter and was pleased to see the issues I had were being discussed. Issues such as the retractable seating, the barren walk to the stadium, the fixtures taking a secondary position behind other events/shopping, history being recognised around the stadium etc.

In my opinion the Group had achieved initially what they had set out to do. They had made the club sit up and listen to the collective fan base and their concerns. Whether or not they would be acted upon was another thing. I was however prepared to let them have their chance to address the issues.

I was then surprised to read that the march was going to proceed despite the meeting. Surely we had to give the club a bit more time than a few weeks?

A second meeting was called. A select few of the Groups United contingent and the club met and the march was called off. A few questions have been raised since – Why were the rest of the representatives from the initial meeting not there? What changed the minds of those that were there? I don’t know, there are many ludicrous theories online but I would say common sense prevailed. The fans are being heard.

I believe the media will have a field day should some of the fan base continue with the march/stroll/dander. Especially if tensions are high. It would work against us to the benefit of the board. The board would use their media contacts to say they tried but there was no reasoning with the fans. Giving them a get out clause to stall or retract any progress on our issues.

I hope this weekend passes without incident, we get a result and move safely away from the relegation zone. We are in a relegation dog fight, I just wish our fans were United to help in whatever way we can to get out of it!


Tony Close


*the above views are that of the writer and not necessarily those of HammersChat.


By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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