A potential deal for Celta Vigo striker Maxi Gomez has hit a stumbling block.

It has been revealed today that that his former club, Defensor Sporting, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, have a 20% sell on fee in his current contract with Celta Vigo.

It is believed that Celta Vigo would rather do a deal with Valencia as it would be a lower transfer fee and a player included in any deal, which in turn means West Ham will have to put in a higher offer than Valencia if they are to secure the deal.

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West Ham could also offer more money than Valencia along with a player such as Javier Hernandez, who is seeking a move elsewhere and Spain is his preferred destination.

The Hammers could also offer the Mexican striker to Valencia for a decent price, which would allow them to sign Gomez.

West Ham were keen on a double deal for Gomez and midfielder Stanislav Lobotka from Celta Vigo, and that way would pay more of the transfer fee on Lobotka. This would make the fee for Gomez smaller and Celta Vigo would not have to give Defensor Sporting as much of the cash.

Although Valencia can offer Champions League football and a stay in Spain, money talks and Gomes would earn significantly higher wages if he was to choose life in east London over sunny Spain; not to mention we have a claret carpet.

The cogs of the transfer window are slowly beginning to turn, and this potential deal for Gomez is full of twists and turns and will be interesting to see how it develops over the course of this forthcoming week.

By Caulay Howell (@Caulay__)

Edited By Frankie Levin (@FrankWHUFC)


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