Our domination showed across the key stats.

Possession was 54% – 46% and Territory 52% – 48% in our favour.

West Ham created 11 chances to Southampton’s 6.

And we had 16 shots with 5 on target against 9 shots for Southampton with 4 on target.

West Ham completed 376 passes  out of 487 giving a 77.2% pass completion.

Southampton completed 314 of their 409 passes (76.8%)

Passes in the attacking third were very similar between the 2 teams

West Ham 78 from 119 passes (65.5%)

Southampton 78 from 118 passes (66.1%)


Cresswell completed the highest number of passes for us with 45 from his 55 attempted.

Obiang attempted the most passes but with a lower pass completion than Cresswell.

Rice had the highest pass completion percent at 92.1%

Only Carroll as a sub had a lower than 70% pass completion.


3 of the top 10 pass combinations involved Cresswell.


10% of our attempted outfield passes were made in our defensive third.

60% in the middle third.

and 30% in our attacking third.


Anderson topped our attacking stats including 4 of our 5 shots on target (2 goals) and 17 completed passes in the attacking third.

Antonio also had impressive stats from the full back position including 8 completed take on’s

In the absence of Balbuena, Ogbonna took the lead in defensive stats including 7 clearances.


Some views on individual stats

Antonio – Good stats including 8 take on’s. Also better passing stats than he normally achieves.

Diop – Solid stats without anything exceptional.

Ogbonna – Took the lead in defensive stats including clearances.

Cresswell – Excellent stats, mainly in passing/attacking including 45 completed passes, 15 in the attacking third and 6 crosses. Also worked well with Anderson for the highest pass combination in the match.

Rice – Highest pass completion %

Obiang – Attempted the most passes for us.

Diangana – Off the pace a bit within the stats before being taken off (55 mins)

Snodgrass – OK Stats

Anderson – Topped our attacking stats, 2 goals from his 4 shots on target. 40 completed passes and worked really well with Cresswell down the left.

Perez – Nothing really shows through the stats.


Carroll ( on 55mins) – Low pass completion with 16 completed passes from 25 attempted. (64%)

Noble (on 78mins) – Not much showing in stats for his 12mins





By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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