West Ham had the most possession at 57%

However we were pushed back and Burnley had the better of territory at 53% to our 47%

Burnley created 14 chances to 7 by West Ham

Total Shots were 17-11 in Burnley’s favour and 5-4 in their favour for shots on target.

Both teams put in quite a few crosses.

With the extra possession, it led to far more passes for us

We completed 340 of our 453 passes, giving a 75% pass completion.

Burnley completed 248 of their 338 passes, 73%

But attacking third pass numbers were very similar as a lot of our extra passes were from deeper positions.


19% of our passes were in our defensive third, 55% in the middle third and 26% in the attacking third.

51% of our attempted outfield passes were forward, 27% backward and 22% square.

6.8% of our passes were long.

Cresswell attempted the most passes for us at 52, also the joint highest number of completed with Noble at 43.

Just 9 passes from Perez in the 1st half before being subbed.


Declan Rice at 93% had our highest pass completion % with 42 from 45 passes completed.

Anderson really disappointing with just 62%, 28 from his 45 passes finding a team mate.


Cresswell was involved in 5 of the top 10 pass combinations.

With the top pass combination being 30 passes to Anderson.

Antonio with good attacking stats from right back including 7 crosses, 9 passes in attacking third and 5 completed take ons.

The take ons being the highest of the match compared to Anderson only completing 1 of his 6 attempted take ons.


Ogbonna with our highest defensive stats but lower than normal with the amount of pressure we were under in defence.

The highest clearances was just 5 from Ogbonna although there was a number spread across the team with no player standing out.

Rice with 6 completed tackles from 6, the highest of the match.

No tackles from Diop which is unusual.


Some views on individual stats.

Antonio – Good Stats, seems to be getting more involved game by game, good attacking stats from right back with 5 take ons. Will always have a lower pass completion as this is not his game.

Ogbonna – Although having our highest defensive stats, they were still low and with diop, did not take charge of clearances as we normally find with a centre back pairing.

Diop – As above but with lower stats, no tackles?

Cresswell – Better going forward, good passing stats and involved in a lot of the pass combinations. Made 30 passes to Anderson.

Snodgrass – Not that good for 45mins.

Rice – Excellent passing stats with 93% pass completion and 6 tackles from 6 won.

Noble – Good passing stats but nothing else really in attack.

Anderson – His worse stats of the season from what i can remember, 62% pass completion, only 1 take on. Only 1 tackle in defensive stats.

Perez – Waste of time for 45 mins, not involved in any stats. Just 7 passes completed from 9

Arnautovic – Not much happening by his standards.


Carroll – Poor pass completion just 6 from 11 completed. But did have 3 of our 4 shots on target. Should spend all his time in the box and not involved in passing and build up play.

Diangana – ok in attacking stats for 45 mins but no real impact.

Silva – Not enough time to show anything









By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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