West Ham had the better of Possession and Territory.

Possession 54% – 46% in our favour

And Territory 53% – 47%

Brighton had more chances created with 11 compared to 8 for us.

Total shorts were 13 each and shots on target again the same at 6.

Brighton had 5 corners and put in 18 crosses.

West Ham had 1 corner and 13 crosses.

With our extra possession and territory we achieved 387 completed passes from 492 attempted. (78.7%)

Brighton had 309 completed from 408 attempted. (75.7%)


9% of our attempted passes by outfield players were in the defensive third.

68% in the middle third.

23% in the attacking third.


47% of our attempted outfield passes were forward, 28% backwards and 25% backwards.

6.5% of our outfield passes were long and 93.5% short.

Rice attempted the most passes with 60, and completed the most number of passes with 54.

Noble in his 23+ minutes as sub had the highest pass completion percent at 93.5% with 29 completed passes from 31.

Anderson again with low pass completion at 70%, along with Cresswell at 66%

Carroll with just 4 completed passes from 8 in his 45 mins before being subbed.

Perez with 9 from 12 passes as his replacement in the second half.



Cresswell to Anderson again the highest pass combination but way down on previous matches due to their poor pass completion.


Anderson stayed top of our attacking stats including 12 completed passes in the attacking third.

Arnautovic with 4 shots on target including his 2 goals.

Noble good stats for his 23+ mins as sub.

Carroll not adding anything for his 45 mins.

Again no one player really taking a lead on clearances, Diop the highest with 5.

But bearing in mind Brighton had 5 corners and put in 18 crosses then a better defensive performance would normally have shown more clearances.


Some views on individual stats.

Zabaleta – 10 recoveries, 80% pass completion.

Diop – 5 clearances, good passing stats.

Ogbonna – Just 1 clearance but 4 interceptions

Cresswell – Poor passing stats, 66% completion. Put in 5 crosses.

Snodgrass – Not showing much in stats for his 63 mins, 5 crosses.

Obiang – Good passing stats including 10 completed passes in final third. Nothing defensively.

Rice – Very Good passing, 54 competed passes at 88%

Anderson – Again below par passing stats. But still our highest attacking stats including 12 completed passes in the final third and 7 recoveries.

Carroll – Nothing showing for his 45 mins.

Arnautovic – 4 shots on target including his 2 goals. Kept the ball well.


Perez – (on 45mins) –  Improvement on Carroll but still didn’t make an impact

Antonio (on 63mins) – His effort doesn’t really show in the stats, low pass completion. But 2 completed take on’s, created 1 chance and had 1 shot on target,

Noble (on 63mins) – Excellent stats for 23+ mins, 93.5% pass completion, 8 completed passes in attacking third, created 2 chances. 2 tackles and 1 interception in defence






By Gonzo

West Ham fan for as long as I can remember. I was flukey enough to watch The Irons beat Bury 10-0 in my first ever game . . . True to form, West Ham then went out and signed their central defender 😬

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